Letter From the Iselys - May 2022

Dear Mom,

We know that when we arrived in your arms—you changed. Forever. Your head knew that this is how it would be, but your heart, well, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t see this coming. You had to feel it, and then you knew—there was no going back. So you did what moms do; you buckled in for the ride, and you gave us everything you’ve got. We know that meant sometimes you had less to give and sometimes more, but you always gave it all. Thank you, Mom! Your love, you see, it changed us, too.


Happy Mother's Day From Natural Grocers


Dear Neighbors,

Happy May, and Happy Mother’s Day! We hope all 31 days of this lovely month are infused with the essence of Mom, warm like spring sunshine and soft, like new grass. She’s strong like black coffee in the morning, playful like afternoon breezes, and sweet like fresh-picked strawberries. She’s layered with all the joy, pain, hope, and ambition that is uniquely hers, the details that define her outside of being Mom. A shoulder to cry on, an oracle to learn from, a human as vulnerable, contradictory, and flawed as any of us—she’s all of that, but it’s her love that’s like no other. 

Here’s to all the mothers whose sacrifices have touched and changed us; the ones who brought us into this world and the ones who have cared for us like their own. And to those whose experience of Mom is defined by different words, those who have never given birth but have loved unconditionally, and those who are missing their mothers this May, we see you. We know that our sentiments cannot encapsulate the range of emotions this topic evokes, and we know that happiness and sadness are often served equally during this holiday. So, we hope that somewhere in the middle of it all, there’s a soft, sweet spot of warmth waiting just for you.

Here’s to a new month. May we fuel our bodies with nutritious food and our hearts with the knowledge of shared experiences, because we’re all only human, and because this is what our mothers taught us.

The Isely Family