Letter From the Iselys - November 2021

Ode To The Fourth Thursday In November:

May you wake us up gently, not in a rush of panic, tumbling into the kitchen already behind schedule. We want to open sleepy eyelids to the smell of freshly brewed coffee or perhaps a steaming cup of tea. We want to sit awhile, still cozy in our pj’s, reading the paper the oldfashioned way—pages tossed about as we search for the comics or sports. We might even want to watch cartoons, and a warm cinnamon roll wouldn’t hurt our feelings.

Letter From The Iselys - November 2021

When the beverage of choice has percolated our brain cells and our sides hurt from laughing at cartoons, when we feel in our bones that we’re the very brightest version of our holiday morning selves, may we then, and only then, head to the kitchen. May the prepping of the turkey, Tofurky, or perchance turducken go off without a hitch, or even better, be already completed by somebody else. (A mimosa would also be inspirational).

May all the pieces of the menu come together more smoothly than our favorite puzzle, the table setting and décor never be more work than they are fun, and the guests, whether family, friends, or just the cat and the hound, be able to read our minds. And finally, when the big moment has arrived (yes, the dishes), may the conversation flow freely, the humor abundantly, and the controversy be no more significant than pumpkin versus apple.

May the after-dinner bliss meander gracefully (as much as full stomachs can muster) into precisely the sequel we imagined, be it football, or games, or napping. May lounging space be plentiful, and may we each be the heroes of our food-coma-induced dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We wish you a lovely one, filled with gratitude, food that’s good to the planet, more laughter than dishes (or at least equal parts), and plenty of pie.

To Your Health!
The Isely Family