Letter From the Iselys - November 2022

For the fourth Thursday in November, a wish:

May we begin our festive planning weeks ahead of time, creating all the lists with precision— guest, grocery, prep… allowing us to beat the last-minute Thanksgiving shopping rush. May the fridge, freezer, and pantry be sparkling and spacious, ready to incorporate the goodies as soon as they arrive. And the night before, may the bird be brined, the green bean casserole assembled, and the desserts ready to be devoured. May the table be set and the centerpieces created, with nothing left for us to do but sleep long and peacefully.


Letter From the Iselys - November 2022


May we awaken, on Thanksgiving morning, to the delightful aromas of our favorite things. And may we enjoy breakfast in bed, served by our partner, our kid, or maybe even the cat—anyone who wishes to get a head start expressing gratitude. When we're ready, and not a minute before, may we leisurely head to the kitchen, turn up our favorite playlist, and set the last-minute details in motion without ever breaking a sweat. May the meal be perfection without a shred of dry meat or undercooked rolls; may the mashed potatoes be flawless and may every pie crust be the definition of flaky. May the guests be on their best behavior, and when we settle in for the football game, may the team we're rooting for win.
But… is our holiday wish truly defined by such perfection? Because, for most of us, no matter our best-laid plans, Thanksgiving week will likely include the last-minute shopping rush, argumentative family members, and possibly even burnt gravy. So, perhaps, rather than a flawlessly executed occasion, may we look forward to that genuine, deep down in our gut, feeling of gratitude at the end of the day. May we know it exists because of this—a room filled with the faces we love. And may the delicious food we share be more than the sum of its parts—a recipe that remembers an absent loved one, the taste of Thanksgivings that came before, and also new flavors crafting memories for the future.

So our true Thanksgiving wish for our family and friends is this: May the holiday planning go as smoothly as reasonably possible, and may we find what we're looking for and more on the shelves of our neighborhood Natural Grocers. But most importantly, may the tension and hardship of this year, the distractions, the grievances, the meaningless little things evaporate for the moment. And may what's left be the clear and present shape of the people we love and the reasons we are grateful to take a day to celebrate.

Happy November!
The Isely Family