Letter From the Iselys - October 2022

Hello, Fall!

Aren’t you a delicious sight! Your bright, crisp air; the way you paint the countryside in vivid color, making us want to ditch our responsibilities and go adventuring; the evening chill that has us dreaming of a crackling fire and a cup of tea… you make us feel so many things. We want to dust off a favorite book and crack it open the old-fashioned way. We want to recover the lost art of letters, to see if we remember how to write in cursive, pen to page. We fancy conversations by candlelight, while watching shadows dance on walls to the rhythm of
our favorite tunes.

Letter From the Iselys - October 2022


You’re the season that energizes us to get into the kitchen and sink our hands into some baking, just for fun. We want a little flour on our noses, a smear of chocolate chips around our lips. We want the tantalizing scents of our craftsmanship to fill the air, inviting everyone in the house to gather around and beg for a bite. Because these things are what October is all about—the exquisitely uncomplicated pause before the holiday frenzy begins.

So this is our wish for our family, friends, and neighbors: May we relish the simplicity of a month defined by nothing more than Fall’s mercurial charm. May we savor it like the last paragraph of a favorite book, may it bring us joy like the smile on a loved one’s face, and may we wrap ourselves in its coziness like the warmth of a well-worn blanket. May we find many uncomplicated moments to ourselves and to share. And may we nourish our bodies with wholesome, healing foods and our hearts with hope. Do stop by and see us often this October. We have lots to talk about as we celebrate Non-GMO Month, highlight Fair Trade, and share recipes, Nutrition Education, and tips for a good4u Halloween! And, while taking this delicious pause before the holidays, let’s not forget to order our turkeys or Tofurkys before that last-minute crunch. In the meantime, we hope that at the end of this lovely month, we can all say, along with Anne of Green Gables,

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
—L.M. Montgomery

The Isely Family