Letter from the Iselys - September 2021

Hello September,

You’re back, and it’s SO good to see you! You missed our birthday party with August, but it’s ok—you’re here now, and we know you’re bringing many of our favorite things.

Letter from the Iselys


We appreciate that you have both summer’s last big holiday and the first day of fall up your sleeve—it’s impressive if you do say so yourself! Still, the thing about you that excites us the most is Organic Harvest Month—thirty days to chat about one of our favorite topics with our friends and neighbors. Thank you for this gift—it makes up for how you skipped our birthday party (your rivalry with August is no excuse)!

You see, supporting the advancement of organic agriculture and encouraging everyone we know to do the same isn’t optional for us—it’s mandatory. It’s been a year, like too many before it, punctuated with fires, floods, drought, and so many other alarming indicators about the planet’s health. You can get sucked right into a vortex of despair when you’re taking in the daily headlines, but despair doesn’t necessarily incentivize action.

Hope is what gives us a reason to do things differently. It’s why Organic Harvest Month matters so much to us, because in the 98.5% of the world’s agricultural land that isn’t organic—there’s a whole lot of potential to redirect the future! That’s why we want people to know they’re choosing to do something about climate change when they choose organic. They’re choosing mitigation, resilience, regeneration, and those choices mean hope for all of us.

Alright, September, we know you have a lot on your schedule, so we’ll talk to you tomorrow. To our friends and neighbors—we hope you tune in all thirty days of this lovely month and join us as we chat about everything organic. It’s a conversation we need to spread from dining room to classroom to policymakers and all around the world until our actions speak louder than words. Let’s make hope a force to be reckoned with!

The Isely Family