Think Wisely - March 2022

Happy Women's History Month to all our family, friends, and neighbors!

We want to acknowledge women's tireless strength throughout history and the everyday influence of the women we cherish in our own lives—inspiring and empowering us to be our better selves. This edition of Think Wisely is a special tribute to these sentiments, featuring only women-owned brands and the incredible innovators behind them. We hope you enjoy it!

Think Wisely - March 2022


Abbot’s® Butcher

Abbot's Butcher ProductsCraftsmanship, it’s the details that define it, flawlessly combining to deliver a whole experience—elevated, memorable. Kerry Song brings this to the plant-based meat category with Abbot’s Butcher. It’s the kind of craftsmanship the neighborhood butcher shop has long supplied to meat-eaters, while plant-based cooks are left with heavily processed alternatives, mystery ingredients, and unsatisfying texture and taste. Now, Abbot’s Butcher is transforming the meatless menu with its made-from-scratch alternatives. Golden peas provide a complete protein source, while veggies, spices, extra virgin olive oil, and vinegar add flavorful complexity. Soy and canola-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and keto-friendly, the brand’s selections offer balanced macronutrient profiles—high in protein, low in fat, and carbs. They’ll bring your most loved dishes that deep, rich flavor and meaty bite you crave because Kerry Song knows it’s past time plant-based chefs have versatile, premium quality, clean alternatives. The craftsmanship of this brand is “all for you”!

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Simple Mills®

Simple Mills Products“If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either.” It’s Katlin Smith’s philosophy for Simple Mills—a brand that is deliciously filling the void in grain-free baked goods. As an on-the-go 20-something, Katlin experienced first-hand what the market was missing—a clean, nourishing, quick-to-make, or ready-to-eat snack food. So, she began experimenting with paleo-friendly muffin recipes in her kitchen, and although it wasn’t as easy as it is to whip up one of her baking mixes— she brought the market what it was missing. Tearing into a package of the brand’s savory crackers, crunchy cookies, or Sweet Thins (to name a few) transports you to the most-loved snacks of your youth, but without artificial additives, refined sugar, and inflammatory fats. Instead, they’re made with non-GMO ingredients, including nut and seed-based flour blends and unrefined sweeteners like regeneratively grown coconut sugar. More purposeful, more nutritious, more delicious—this is how Katlin Smith is changing food with Simple Mills products that go “beyond free-from to for more”!

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Pop & Bottle

Pop & Bottle ProductsFriendship and lattes go together like Pop & Bottle and its founders, Jash and Blair. When this pair of pals, who share a passion for coffee and wellness, realized there weren’t any ready-to-go lattes on store shelves that satisfied their cravings, they did what great friends do—go adventuring and create solutions. They knew it was what their peers wanted, too—an open-minded kind of latte, not exclusively defined by coffee but also including tea. A more purposeful, nourishing, and gratifying beverage, boosted by functional ingredients like turmeric, maca, and other superfoods. And, they wanted the creamy delight of a drink made without dairy, refined sugar, or excess caffeine. So, Jash and Blair brought us Pop & Bottle—lattes made with house-crafted, non-dairy almond or oat milk, sweetened with dates, Certified Organic, and “deliciously honest”! Because that’s what a great friendship requires—honesty and a few moments to share over a latte.

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Skinny Dipped ProductsThere’s one brand taking the hungry streets of clean snacking by storm—it’s called SkinnyDipped! “Family, friends, food, and love are all tangled up” in the story of these game-changing treats. It started when the mother-daughter team, Val and Breezy, along with Breezy’s two best friends, Lizzie and Chrissy, began untangling the secrets to better snacking with their hand-dipped nuts. Now, they’ve reinvented the typically waxy, junk-filled chocolate- (or yogurt-) coated nut with better ingredients, less sugar, and their signature thin coating of dangerously yummy flavor! The women of SkinnyDipped are also passionate about supporting women and children in their supply chain through their give-back program—Brick-by-Brick. It helps fund a recycling initiative converting plastic waste into bricks for building schools and generating a steady income for women in West Africa’s cacao-based communities. Life’s sweetest treats often come with a helping of guilt—not so with SkinnyDipped. Val, Breezy, Lizzie, and Chrissy are on a mission to create a happier, healthier world, one mouthwatering snack at a time.

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Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals

Inesscents Aromatic BotanicalsFrom West African villages where women craft shea butter in the traditional way to an organic California almond farm—Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals’ sourcing story is rooted in respect—for the planet, the people, and the ancient wisdom that makes each ingredient possible. They may be based in a small Oregon town, but this brand’s story is global. Before Inesscents, Amber Ashley, its founder, spent time in North Africa and India, learning the secrets of sacred aromatic oils and the nurturing power of plants. Now, she translates that knowledge into and-crafted, nutrient-dense body and bath products to support your healthiest, glowing skin. House-made infusions, Organic and Fair-Trade ingredients, and locally grown, third-party tested, full-spectrum CBD extracts are just some of this certified organic manufacturer’s quality differences. Whether it’s natural perfume roll-ons, CBD-infused bath salts, or sore muscle rubs, Inesscents has the thing your skin is craving—crafted with intention, infused with synergy, and defined by balance.

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NuttZo ProductsSeven nuts and seeds, two picky boys, one determined mom; this is a story for lovers everywhere—of picky kids, of nutritious, delicious food, and of hope. The tale of NuttZo started in a food processor in founder Danielle’s kitchen. And, it wasn’t a business idea she was looking for—just a way to nourish her growing boys when one of the only foods they would eat was peanut butter! A single legume wasn’t cutting it, so Danielle gathered protein-rich, nutrient-dense nuts and seeds, and voila—they ate it up. Today, NuttZo is busy innovating single-nut butter right out of the pantry with its range of Non-GMO Project Verified spreads, free of soy, palm oil, and refined sugars. And, at the heart of the brand’s mission is Project Left Behind, an organization co-founded by Danielle to serve children in need and inspired by the adoption of her sons. Now, peanut butter, please step aside—we have NuttZo in the house!

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GoMacro ProductsGrit, hope, love—these are the seeds from which GoMacro grew. This delicious, nutritious, and Certified CLEAN line of protein and snack bars began in a Wisconsin farmhouse kitchen at a time when food was a powerful tool in Amelia Kirchoff’s battle with breast cancer. With the support and advice of her daughter Jola—Amelia switched to a plant-based, macrobiotic diet. Along the way, the first recipe for these delightful, nutrient-dense bars came to be. Now, almost two decades later, this mother-daughter-owned and operated company is taking responsibility for its principles to “Give Back, and Tread Lightly.” From 100% carbon neutral and renewable energy status to its current goals of becoming zero waste and landfill-free, GoMacro is mindful of its impact on the planet. Fuel your day with these Certified Organic, vegan, gluten-free protein and snack bars that, as happy fans confirm—would be Certified Delicious too, if there were such a thing. “Eat Positive, Be Well, and GoMacro—it’s bigger than a bar!”

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WishGarden products“Our culture has forgotten, but our bodies remember.” It’s Catherine Hunziker’s motto and the essence of her brand, WishGarden Herbs, because this herbalist isn’t trying to improve on nature. Instead, her philosophy, rooted in the knowledge she’s gained over decades of research, is to assemble the best team of whole-plant extracts the body can recognize and use to support well-being. The brand’s success is rooted in Catherine and her team’s authentic connection to their craft. They know where in the world to source the finest organic and ethically wild-crafted herbs and take great care to protect the plant populations in their supply chain. Most essentially, WishGarden is rooted in the belief that the power of herbs isn’t isolated to single elements but rather derived from the synergistic array of constituents found in the whole root, leaf, aerial, or other plant components. Known for pioneering condition-specific blends with fun, no-nonsense names and for their small-batch, in-house crafted excellence, WishGarden embodies Catherine Hunziker’s mission—helping people rediscover the power of whole-plant herbalism.

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Tribalí Foods™

Tribalí Foods Products“Back to her roots”—this is the path that led Angela Bicos Mavridis to her destiny—Tribalí Foods. She spent childhood summers in Greece, watching her grandmother in the kitchen, expressing her love through her beautiful cuisine. Angela remembers how the dinner menu of those carefree summers wasn’t pre-planned. It depended on the day’s catch from the village fishermen and stops at the vegetable grocer, Mrs. Helen’s for fresh eggs, and a neighboring farm for raw goat cheese. Decades later, Angela’s path pivoted to the study of holistic nutrition, the seeds of which she realized had been planted long ago in her grandmother’s kitchen. As a single mother of three, she also realized that effortless mealtime solutions, anchored in the quality and flavor of those Mediterranean summers, were what the market lacked. With Tribalí’s Paleo Friendly, Whole30®-approved frozen entrées, made with sustainably-raised animal proteins, a rainbow of veggies, and fueled by good fats—Angela’s mission is to “make the world healthier, one plate at a time.” And, she’s accomplishing it while saving you time!

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