Think Wisely - November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving, neighbors! As we prepare for the most delicious day of the year—we haven’t forgotten about our gluten-free family and friends. Consequently, the tasty ingredients, crackers, dips, beverages, and more, highlighted in this feature, are all gluten free! And many of them are dairy and, or grain free, too— cheers to a celebration for every appetite and specialty diet.

Appetizers Should Be Bitchin’

Bitchin’ Sauce™What’s the easiest way to take your holiday appetizers from zero to crowd pleaser? It’s Bitchin’ Sauce™, with ten tastebud teasing flavors to choose from, like Spinach Artichoke, Buffalo, and Bombay. These creamy, almond-based dips are vegan, gluten free, and Non-GMO Project Verified! Also, they’re not just for dippin’—you can put them on sandos, pizza, tacos… pretty much anywhere your cravings take you. But, when it comes to Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or just the most delicious Thursday in November—this one’s a party trick that allows you to take it easy!

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A Gem of a Cracker

Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins®A blue diamond is one of the rarest gems, which is why it was chosen by the California Almond Growers Exchange as its symbol in 1915—to represent the quality of California almonds. And from that history, an ordinary-seeming cracker with extraordinary flavor and texture was born— Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins®. Rice flour, almonds, and a dash of culinary magic are combined to deliver the spot-on crunch that your cracker inspired appetizers crave. With the ideal dusting of flavor, from Hint of Sea Salt to Country Ranch—Nut-Thins are Certified Gluten-Free. Elevate your celebration with Blue Diamond!

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We Olive This Oil

Natural Grocers Brand Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilA subtle hint of apple and fresh almond aromas on the nose, a touch of spiciness at the end…what is this delightful ingredient? It’s Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported from Spain, where our family owned producing partner has been perfecting their craft since 1846. Made with premium quality Spanish olives, in a facility where they repurpose olive waste into a renewable energy source—its silky elegance will enhance any holiday dish you pair it with. And its Always AffordableSM price will compliment your budget, too, because the Natural Grocers Brand makes artisanal-quality products possible for every pantry.

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Go Nuts for These Pecans

Natural Grocers® Brand Bulk PecansCandied, paired with maple anything, put in pie…pecans are like the Oscar winner of nuts this time of year. So as you’re preparing for another award-winning season of delicious food, make sure you have the finest nuts in the orchard to do it with—Natural Grocers® Brand Bulk Pecans. These buttery morsels are Non-GMO Project Verified, sourced from growers in the southwestern U.S., and refrigerated to preserve their freshest flavor and texture. Because this family brand knows that while award seasons may come and go, the memories you make sharing good food with good people last a lifetime.

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A Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie’s Dream

Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Coconut MilkAfter turkey, is there anything that screams Thanksgiving as loudly as pumpkin pie? So velvety, sweet, and just a little spicy—it’s a blissful tradition. Still, if you’re making a dairy-free pumpkin pie, you need an ingredient that can deliver that creamy texture and the cream on top without anybody knowing the difference! Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Coconut Milk is just such a magic trick. Made of Thai coconuts, harvested when they’re young and most flavorful—it’s also crafted with a process that reduces the separation between water and fat for smoother, creamier perfection. Now everyone can enjoy their Thanksgiving traditions as they should—most deliciously.

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Brain Fog—Don’t Make Our Holidays Blue

Ultimate Brain Nutrients™ Activate and ReliefWe’re all happily headed toward the “food coma” that follows the Thanksgiving meal, right? But we don’t need brain fog or headaches during the busy weeks leading up to it. Encourage the healthy function of your cerebrum by supporting it with Ultimate Brain Nutrients™ Activate and Relief. These formulas promote ketone production and support healthy brain cell turnover with a proprietary form of highly concentrated C8 (caprylic acid) from coconut, alongside other synergistic nutrients. Sharpened focus and memory and cognition support are a handful of the benefits that may ensue. Now, give your noggin a little extra nourishment, so you can remember the food coma when it’s over… wink, wink.

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Gluten-Free Baking Made Easy

Natural Grocers Brand Baking MixesHow do you make gluten-free Thanksgiving baking as easy as pie? You simplify the equation with Natural Grocers Brand Baking Mixes. Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and dairy free—these mixes would be first in line for Certified Delicious, too, if such a claim were possible. Made with a blend of cassava and coconut flours and nothing artificial, they deliver all the cakey, doughy, fudgy texture your gluten-free pastry dreams are made of.

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Bonafide Provisions® “The Official Sponsor of Thanksgiving”

Bonafide Provision BrothIt’s not the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner or the side dish everyone devours— but without it, there would be a flavorless void everyone could taste. Broth is the unsung hero of the holiday menu! Still, the kind that makes the most flavorful impact has always been the one you make from scratch—until Bonafide Provisions. Bonafide does the from-scratch flavor for you, using the same ingredients you’d use if you made your own—fresh, whole vegetables, free-range chicken bones (in the chicken varieties), and spices. No vegetable extracts, concentrates, sugar, canola oil, or preservatives—just Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, homemade goodness. Choose Bonafide Provisions Broths to save time and let your culinary accomplishments shine!

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A Chip for Every Chocolate Lover

Enjoy™ Life Baking ChocolateIs there such a thing as a proper celebration without chocolate? We think not, but chocolatey delights are trickier when avoiding common allergens—unless you have Enjoy™ Life Baking Chocolate! These Non-GMO Project Verified morsels are free from 14 allergens, including dairy, and made in a Certified Gluten-Free facility. With a style to suit every baking endeavor, from Mini to Mega, Enjoy Life goes with an allergy-conscious menu the way gratitude goes with the 4th Thursday in November!

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Choose Rice That’s Truly Nice

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Jasmine RiceThey say there are over 40,000 varieties of rice in the world, but there’s only one Lundberg Family Farms®! In 1937, the Lundbergs’ left Nebraska for California to rebuild a life that had vanished into the Dust Bowl. Four generations later, they continue to farm, source, and craft rice and rice-based foods with the same soil-nurturing, planet-preserving practices that took root in the wake of catastrophe. And, for every festive rice-based dish your menu craves, they have a sustainably grown variety that’s either Certified Organic or non-GMO, Certified Gluten-Free, and processed in a facility where they divert, reuse, and recycle 99.7% of waste. Choose Lundberg Family Farms for your family’s planet-loving Thanksgiving celebration.

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Seajoy—for Sustainable Celebrations

Seajoy Organic ShrimpShrimp—it’s the small crustacean that brings big sophistication to the Thanksgiving menu! Sadly, environmental and social responsibility along the shrimp supply chain can be a murky question. With Seajoy Organic Shrimp, however, there are no cloudy waters. From hatchery to harvest, this brand is traceable every step of the way. It’s Four-Star Best Aquaculture Practices Certified (BAP), farmed using zero antibiotics and minimal impact practices, and flash frozen immediately after harvest for fresh flavor without chemical preservatives. And it’s brought to you by a company partnering in mangrove reforestation and sea turtle conservation since 2007. Enhance your holiday spread with Seajoy, sustainably sourced and undeniably delicious.

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Madhava®– Purely Delicious

Madhava Organic Coconut SugarHave your dessert and feel good, too—who shares our motto this festive season? And Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar is precisely the ingredient to make it happen. This golden, unrefined sweetener crafted from the nectar of the coconut palm is an excellent 1-to-1 swap for refined sugar in many recipes. Certified Organic, non-GMO, and Gluten-Free—it’s also a recipient of the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award! Because this brand is obsessive about bringing you pure ingredients, certified free of contaminants “from the soil to the bag,”—you can feel good about food made with Madhava.

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Eat Well—Drink Live®

Live Sparkling Probiotic KombuchaRaise a toast to healthy living this Thanksgiving with Live Sparkling Probiotic Kombucha®! It all began as one guy’s clever way to help his dad break the soda habit. Consequently, this bubbly beverage comes in classic flavors like Root Beer, Orange Cream, and Cherry Cola but is made with loads less sugar than actual soda and less than many kombuchas! Raw and organic, Live is also cold-brewed for a smoother, subtler taste that lets your fave flavors shine. Bring Live home for the holiday because whether you use it in mocktails, cocktails, or enjoy its refreshment as is—it will bring the Cheers!

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The Gold Standard in Dairy

Kerrygold™ Irish butterServe charm and distinctive flavor when you set your holiday table with Kerrygold™ Irish butter and cheese, like a Swiss “from the hills of Tipperary.” It begins with the milk of cows who graze year-round in the most carbon effcient, milk-producing country in the EU. And it ends with creamy golden butter and cheese approved by an award-winning Master Cheese Grader. With flavor that carries the nuance of soil minerals, grass varieties, and raindrops—add effortless elegance to your Thanksgiving menu with Kerrygold. Slainte! (an Irish toast).

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Sweet Potato Casserole-be Dandie(s)

Dandies® Vegan MarshmallowsOnce upon a time in ancient Egypt, marshmallows were a treat reserved for gods and Pharaohs. Centuries later, the French made them fluffy and more mainstream. And eventually, they became the gooey, junk-food staple of campfires and Thanksgiving delights in America, dependent on artificial color and unrecognizable ingredients. Now, the history of this confection has an exciting new chapter, and it’s called Dandies® Vegan Marshmallows—the first Non-GMO Project Verified and plant-based treat of its kind! It does its sweet thing without gluten, artificial ingredients, or corn syrup because Dandies is what a marshmallow should be—simply divine.

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A Pastry Chef’s BFF

Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Almond FlourMade-from-scratch baking for a gluten-free or Keto-friendly Thanksgiving demands flour that is tender, moist and plays well with other flavors—like Natural Grocers Brand Bulk Almond Flour. It’s crafted from premium California almonds, blanched and extra-finely ground to achieve the texture and flavor profile the gluten-free baker desires. And it’s Non-GMO Project Verified and packed with the protein, fiber, and healthy fat that make almonds a nutritious delight. Savory or sweet—this ingredient is deliciously up to the task. Now, do we smell scones?

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