Think Wisely - September 2021

Happy Organic Month, Neighbors

In celebration, every brand featured in this edition of Think Wisely offers Certified Organic options. May we all be inspired to make everyday choices in favor of a more sustainable, hopeful, and regenerative future.

Think Wisely - September 2021


Harmless Harvest® = Healthy Hydration

Harmless Harvest Coconut WaterYou’re relaxing on the beach, drinking from a freshly cracked coconut... Wait, no, you’re sitting at your desk drinking Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and it tastes that fresh! Here’s why—Harmless Harvest protects the delicate aroma and flavor of Thai Nam Hom coconuts through a microfiltration process, without thermal pasteurization or preservatives. Certified Fair for Life and Organic, the brand is now partnering to launch the Regenerative Coconut Agriculture Project (ReCAP)—an initiative set to transition hundreds of acres to regenerative organic farming, preserving the sustainability of Nam Hom coconuts and capturing carbon while doing it. So, rehydrate with a drink that tastes as divine as your tropical vacation fantasies suggest and support a pivotal moment at the intersection of agriculture, climate change, and hope.

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Hippeas® Are For Snack Fiends 

Hippeas Organic Chickpea SnacksReady for your new snack obsession? Meet Hippeas Puffs! Sriracha, Nacho, White Cheddar—name your craving and consider it satisfied in “life-changing” fashion! Those are the exact words of happy Hippeas fans. Here’s what else will blow your mind. They’re made from chickpeas—legumes that release nitrogen into the soil as they grow, which means “they’re good for the planet… simply by being themselves.” Vegan, Certified Organic, and gluten-free, packed with protein and fiber—do you dare to exist without the “best snack” around any longer?

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Don’t Sweat The Dirty Details With Natural Grocers® Household Cleaners 

Natural Grocers® Household CleanersDo you care about the dirty details—like the toxic chemicals in many household cleaning products? So do we, and we have a solution—Natural Grocers Brand Household Cleaners! Our producing partner created the FIRST line of Certified Organic household cleaners and detergents in the U.S. They’re vegan, non-toxic, and effective, plus many come in bottles made from sugar cane, which IS as cool as it sounds. Here’s why—pound for pound sugarcane-based polyethylene captures as much carbon as the petroleum-based variety (most plastic) emits! Now, go on and free yourself from the headache of dirty details when all you’re trying to do is scrub them clean.

P.S. Don’t miss Natural Grocers Brand Castile Soaps made with Fair Trade Coconut Oil.

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Is Your Skincare All Good? 

All Good Organic SkinfoodWhat smells like paradise and leaves you glowing like a tropical vacation? That would be All Good Coconut Oil Skin Food! Treat your skin to the indulgence it deserves with this cold-pressed, unrefined nourishment. It’s Certified Organic and hand-crafted in small batches—infused with lemongrass or lavender essential oils, or nothing at all. And, for this woman-owned company, beauty is only as good as beauty does. It’s why they’re Carbon Neutral Certified, 1% for the Planet, B Corp, and solar-power fueled. Now it’s time to introduce your beautiful self to All that’s Good!

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KÖE®—The Everyone Kombucha!

Köe®—The Everyone Kombucha!Are you kombucha curious, trying to kick the soda habit, or simply a lover of effervescent beverages? There’s a new kind of kombucha in the house, and you’re going to want a tall glass, or rather—a can! KÖE® Kombucha is redefining gut-friendly, bubbly hydration with its fruit-forward, sparkling juice flavor, AND no-refrigeration-required convenience! Fermented traditionally, with SCOBY, each can contains 4 billion live probiotics and tastes like summer year-round, with refreshing flavors like Tropical and Strawberry Lemonade. Low in calories and sugar, along with a clean energy boost of 15 mg caffeine from green coffee beans—KÖE® is the drink you need to know!

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Find Your Glow With Moon Valley Organics 

Moon Valley OrganicsIn the shadow of the Cascade Mountains sits a 10-acre organic farm, home to the makers of “the purest skincare under the moon.” Moon Valley Organics began with a crockpot and an organic arming dream. Today, they grow many of the herbs they infuse into their artisanal body care products while also providing habitat for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Crafting a mix of organic and made-with-organic personal care staples—the ingredients are so pristine that the brand is USDA Certified Food Grade. So, don’t wait for a new moon or a blue moon to indulge our senses and your sensibility for the planet with Moon Valley Organics!

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The Best Bowl-a Grain-free Granola! 

Natural Grocers® Grain-Free GranolaImagine a weekend road trip through the countryside, painted in brilliant fall colors. You wake up in a cozy inn and head to a warm, bright breakfast spot on Main Street where you enjoy the most exquisite bowl of granola you’ve ever dipped a spoon into. Bring that feeling to your breakfast table with Natural Grocers Grain-Free Granola because it’s that good and Certified Organic, too! It’s bursting with small-batch flavor, made in a solar-powered facility, and paleo and keto-friendly—the kind of crunchy perfection that wakens your imagination to all the possibilities!

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Pasta Night Demands Montebello®

Montebello Spaghetti PastaNear the town of Urbino (a gem of the Italian Renaissance) and the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea—another hidden gem of Italy has its origins. It’s called Montebello—the creators of the finest, artisanal pasta you didn’t have to make-from-scratch yourself. Using 100% Native Italian Semolina flour, ground fresh in Montebello’s organic mill—it’s cut with traditional bronze molds and dried at lower temps for much longer than other manufacturers. These Old World techniques bring you pasta that clings to the sauce—every bite a union that’s flavorfully complete. Made with 100% renewable energy—Montebello Pasta is Certified Organic and has 15 (plus) varieties to inspire your pursuit of culinary gems.

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Lucini®—For Elevated Flavor 

Lucini Organic Sauce Once a year, in Tuscany, during the tomato harvest, Lucini® Italia is on a mission to capture the substance that inspired their brand—exceptional Italian flavor. Within 24 hours of harvest, tomatoes are expertly combined with a soffritto of veggies, herbs, and Lucini’s premium, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result? That coveted flavor of a garden-fresh, authentic Italian sauce you can enjoy straight from the jar! Lucini® Pasta Sauces will transform anything you pair them with—“a glimmer of Tuscany for those who have been to Italy and for those who
dream of it.” Buon appetito!

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Alexandre Does Dairy Differently! 

Alexandre Family Farm Milk“Firsts”—we remember them, right? First pet, first concert, first love, but not your first glass of milk. Until you’ve tried Alexandre Family Farm milk, that is. It’s creamy, it’s delicious, and it represents a monumental first—the FIRST Certified Regenerative Organic dairy in the U.S.! And, while the Alexandre family is making their farm a fertile carbon sink and thriving wildlife habitat—they’re also producing more digestible milk for your family to enjoy. Alexandre milk contains only A2/A2 protein—meaning it has none of the A1 protein associated with many lactose-intolerance issues. So hey, make this the first time your glass of milk helps fight climate change, goes easy on your stomach, and tastes unforgettably delicious doing it.

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Wild Chick—Skincare For The Wild Beauty 

Wild Chick Organics Skincare“Living in a state of nature”—it’s the definition of “wild” and the essence of Wild Chick Organics skincare. Women-owned and plant-based, every detail of this artisanal collection is as true to nature as skincare gets, beginning with its achievement of the highest standard of transparency—Certified Organic. Wild Chick only uses steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils extracted without the aid of harsh chemicals. Star ingredients include helichrysum, red raspberry seed oil, and hemp—botanicals revered for their deep-moisturizing, skin-nurturing, antiaging benefits. “Holy grail” and “all-time favorite” are how people in the know feel about Wild Chick Organics skincare—now are you ready to discover your own beautiful natural state of being?

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