Nutritional Health Coaches

Your in-store go-to resource for all things nutrition-related!

Always-TagWhen you want to learn what foods are best for you and which supplements can support your health, we are here for you! Fortunately, most Natural Grocers locations are staffed with a highly trained Nutritional Health Coach (NHC). You can connect with your NHC through the many complimentary services he or she offers, including answering questions while you shop, presenting in-store nutrition classes and cooking demos, offering one-on-one health coaching sessions, and speaking at your next event.

Attend your NHC’s next in-store nutrition presentation

NHCs offer a variety of nutrition presentations and events at their stores on an ongoing basis. Check out our online Events Calendar or pick up a calendar of events at the register the next time you visit us. All events are complimentary, and reservations are not needed. It is first come, first seated.

Nutrition Classes

Nutrition is the foundation of health, and the nutrition science community is working hard to determine how we can use food to support our optimal well-being. For instance, did you know that the good bacteria found in fermented foods positively influence our mood and our weight? Our NHCs offer nutrition classes on a wide range of science-based nutrition topics, such as food quality, healthy bones, food cravings, and brain support for healthy memory and mood. During each 60- to 90-minute class, the NHC shows you how the latest research is applicable to your own life, so you can make well-informed food and supplement choices.

Cooking Demonstrations

Many of our stores have kitchens where NHCs demonstrate practical cooking techniques and healthy and delicious recipes. Cooking demo topics include supercharged smoothies, gluten-free baking, and our favorite – chocolate! You’ll sample the prepared recipe and take home additional recipe ideas. NHCs are always trying out new recipes, so be sure to check your store’s weekly event calendar, and don’t forget to bring a friend!

Schedule a personalized one-on-one health coaching session with your NHC

Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards healthier living or you want to fine-tune your current routine, coaching sessions are a great way to get personalized nutrition information that can empower you to meet your health goals. During the one-hour coaching session, your NHC will provide tailored food and supplement information that fits into your unique lifestyle. After the appointment, the NHC will assist you in finding what you need in the store, and you’ll go home with resources, including nutrition handouts and recipes to help you take action! To schedule an appointment, find the store nearest you using our store locator, and call and ask to speak with, or leave a message for, the NHC.

Invite your NHC to speak at your next event

Whether you’re coordinating a corporate lunch ‘n learn, a parent meeting, or a large conference, everyone wants to be healthy! Your local NHC can create and present a tailored 30- to 60-minute nutrition presentation for your audience and the event’s theme. Contact the NHC at your local store to get started!

Chat with your NHC while you shop

Not sure what the difference is between calcium citrate and calcium carbonate? Want to try cooking bok choy but not sure how to prepare it? Don’t be shy about asking your NHC (or any other employee!) questions about supplements or food as you see them around the store. NHCs are passionate about nutrition and equally enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and empowering you to feel your best!

Ask our Web-based Nutritional Health Coach a Question Online

You can request a response by email or telephone and expect to hear from us within a few days.

All communication with our online Nutritional Health Coach is private and will not be shared (except for general education purposes and without any of your identifying information included).

Simply go to the Contact Us page and choose “Ask the Health Coach” in the drop-down subject menu.

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