Cancer Resources

There are approximately 200 different kinds of cancer. Understanding the disease and the different treatment options can be difficult. Here are some reliable resources for information.


A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne and David Frahm (1992, Piñon Press)

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., RD, CNS (2005, Nutrition Times Press)

How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Michael Murray (2003, Riverhead Books)

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer—And How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place by Suzanne Somers (2009, Three Rivers Press)

The Definitive Guide to Cancer by Lise Alschuler, ND & Karolyn A. Gazella (2010, Celestial Arts)


  • Imaginis at is an independent resource for comprehensive information and news on breast cancer and related women’s health topics. In addition to basic information about cancer, it provides information about alternative/complementary treatments and a listing of resources and support.
  • American Institute for Cancer Research at provides information on food, diet and its relation to preventing and treating cancer. AICR offers a Nutrition Hotline (1-800-843-8114) MondayFriday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, a free service that allows you to ask a registered dietitian questions about diet, nutrition and cancer.
  • Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. writes detailed reports on a wide variety of cancers and situations. Many people have found these reports to be an extremely helpful way of rapidly gaining knowledge in a difficult field. The reports are available for sale at
  • The Cancer Project at is devoted to cancer prevention and to increasing survival after cancer diagnosis. Their website contains nutrition information, recipes, and information about available cooking classes.
  • is a resource for anyone diagnosed or concerned about mesothelioma. In addition to helpful information about the disease and treatment options, this website also includes resources for veterans and legal options.


Studies have shown that support groups characterized by open and honest sharing are associated with increased longevity and decreased rate of disease recurrence.

The American Cancer Society’s website has online search tools for finding resources and support near you. Go to You can also try doing an internet search for cancer support groups in your area.

There are also many online support options available:

  • Association of Cancer Online Resources at connects subscribers with cancer specific online email lists. They also have a good patient resource page.
  • OncoChat at is a world-wide online support community for any one whose life has been touched by cancer.
  • The American Cancer Society has an online support community at
  • CancerCare offers both online and telephone support groups as well as counseling, workshops and financial and co-pay assistance. Find them at
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network at features some of the world’s leading cancer centers as well as numerous advocacy and support group options.


Many people choose to compliment their conventional treatment with the services of other holistic practitioners. There are many Naturopathic Physicians, Functional Medicine Doctors and Acupuncturists who can work in conjunction with your primary doctor to help support your cancer treatment. The following resources can help to guide you to reputable holistic practitioners.

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians –

Society for Integrative Oncology –

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have five treatment facilities throughout the United States. They offer integrative approaches to cancer treatment based on up-to-date information that combines conventional and alternative therapies. Available at or at 1-800-931-0599.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians –

Institute for Functional Medicine –

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) is a national professional level certification board for acupuncturists and those practicing oriental medicine. To find a certified acupuncturist or oriental medicine practitioner near you go to

Learning More about Cancer Treatments and Treatment Centers

There is an enormous amount of information regarding cancer treatments around the world. It is a good idea to do research into these treatments and facilities. The following is a list of resources that can help you evaluate the many different options:

  • Third Opinion: An International Directory to Alternative Therapy Centers for the Treatment of Cancer & Other Degenerative Diseases (4th Edition) by John M. Fink (2005, Square One Publishers)
  • Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book by Richard Walters (1993, Paragon Press)

More Information

Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporter, has made the following resources available to Natural Grocers customers:

The Denver Naturopathic Clinic is home to Dr Jacob Schor, a naturopathic physician specializing in cancer treatment. You can access all of his informative and entertaining newsletters at

Five to Thrive at is naturopathic doctor Lise Alschuler’s companion website with links to her free Five to Thrive Magazine, her iHeartRadio show and her cancer focused blog.