Letter From The Isely Family: November

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This time of year is comfortably predictable, so you probably already know what we’re going to say, but we’ll say it anyway. We are SO grateful for the piles of dishes we’re about to encounter on November 22nd, because it means we’ve done Thanksgiving right once again. We’ve gained five pounds each—of delicious memories—and spent quality family time to banter through the cleanup, which is everything we’re hoping for this time of year…

In all seriousness, we do have a lot to be grateful for as the holiday season approaches, starting with each of you—our friends and neighbors. Thank you! 

We’re grateful that Natural Grocers is grounded in the founding principles established by our parents and grandparents 63 years ago, empowering us to carry on our family’s mission of providing nutrition education and affordable healthy food to our neighbors. We have so much gratitude for our extended family of good4u Crew, who make this mission possible every single day, and for our wonderful communities who make it worth pursuing. We’re also thankful for our partnerships with farmers and producers who supply the highest quality, most delicious choices that we can pass along to all of your holiday tables.

We’re mouthwateringly grateful that we have Mary’s turkeys again this year, and we can almost smell them roasting now. Mary’s turkeys represent how we believe food should be produced: animals raised the way nature intended, with care for the animals and the planet and strong family values as guidance. Every turkey that we carry is Non-GMO Project Verified, free-range and deep chilled—never frozen. We’re grateful that ranchers, like Mary’s family, the Pitman’s, are helping to preserve heritage breeds that are in danger of vanishing. 

We’re thankful that we carry only organic potatoes, considering that conventionally grown potatoes have landed a spot on the EWG’s 2018 Dirty Dozen list of pesticide-heavy produce. Dreaming of mashed potatoes, we’re reminded how happy we are that the only kind of butter we have is pasture-based, so our holiday indulgences come with respect to animals, the planet and an extra helping of CLA—a healthy fat. We’re stoked that we stock every ingredient we need to deliver our favorite non-GMO, organic, artificial-free holiday dishes; from vegan roasts to grandma’s pumpkin cheesecake, we’ve got the party covered. 

At the end of the day, we’re excited for the holidays because they give us the chance to share time with the people we love. We can’t think of anything better than gathering around a table surrounded by the faces who give our lives meaning. We also read that gratefulness may help with willpower, so in the interest of gaining only five pounds instead of 10, we’re going to be proactive about gratitude as we countdown toward the holidays. We hope that every single one of you enjoys a table filled with love and a season filled with laughter, winning football teams and plenty of pie.

P.S. It is important to us that all families and friends get to spend the holidays together; this is why we give all of our good4u Crew a paid day off on Thanksgiving.  

The Isely Family

Letter From The Iselys