Letter From the Iselys - April 2022

Dear park-goers, parents, gardeners, and eaters:

As the bees begin to buzz and the tulips bloom, it means that it’s the season of Ladybug Love at Natural Grocers®. Let’s get outside and dig our hands in the dirt. Let’s connect with the land, where our children hunt dandelions and do summersaults in the grass. And let’s be activists on Earth Day, and every day, starting in our neighborhood shared spaces and backyards, and tracing the food on our plates to the soil that produces it. When we ask you to join us in taking the Ladybug Love Pledge this month, that is what we’re asking.


Letter From The Isleys - April 2022


More than one billion pounds of pesticides are used every year in the U.S, and not just in agriculture. These chemicals have been seeping into our parks, playgrounds, lawns, and gardens. At the same time, insects have been declining and fertile topsoil is eroding. Although many factors are involved, the prevalence of toxic agricultural chemicals tops the list.1 So why should we care about bugs and soil? Without them, our food web collapses.

Insects and soil matter—a lot! Still, most of us aren’t farmers or policymakers, so we can feel a little helpless and disconnected at the end of the day, perhaps. We are, however, ALL eaters and neighbors who call this planet home. We can all choose not to allow toxic pesticides and fertilizers in our backyards. We can create habitats for pollinators, ladybugs, and other insects. And, we can support the kind of farming that doesn’t depend on these chemicals—the kind that is regenerative and organic.

We believe there’s hope in choosing to do small things every day! So please, join us in taking the 5th annual Ladybug Love Pledge this April, and let’s make a difference where we CAN. When you take the pledge, Natural Grocers will donate a dollar to our non-profit partner, Beyond Pesticides, which will help fund the Ladybug Love Our Neighborhoods Project, transitioning local parks to pesticide-free management practices. As Wendell Berry says, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” Let’s look after it together.

The Isely Family