Letter From the Iselys - January 2022

Dear January,

It’s lovely to see you. December may be full of charm and tends to take all of the attention, but right now your ‘it’s time to stop sipping hot chocolate and start crushing our goals’ attitude is a breath of fresh air! With all due respect to hot chocolate, because you know, a sip of pure, dark cacao can go a long way toward keeping us motivated and has nutritional benefits too.

Letter From the Iselys - January 2022


Chocolatey ramblings aside, we have another subject top of mind: Resolution Reset! It’s two simple words, and sounds easy, right? Most of us welcome the blank page that you are, January, precisely for the purpose of setting resolutions, but we all know it’s easier said than done. In fact, by the time you pass the baton to February, many of us will have already traded in our New Year’s goals for an extra hour of Netflix or slice of cake.

And that’s exactly why our Natural Grocers family gets excited about this time of year because we have ideas—ten, to be specific—about how to fill your blank page with successful resolutions. Actually, it’s not just ideas we have; there are tips and tricks about how to kick off this new year with the goal of being rooted in health, all 365 days of it.

So you see, January, it really IS lovely that you have finally arrived, and we can’t wait to start coloring in your empty spaces with the shape of goals we can keep. We’re happy to say that at Natural Grocers, with our 100% organic produce, 100% pasture-based dairy, 100% non-GMO bulk, and 100% best-in-class product standards and free nutrition education, we have a real headstart on the concept of healthy resolutions. We hope all of our friends and neighbors join us in celebrating your possibilities, January, because we have loads of good4u inspiration to share.

Catch You Tomorrow!
The Isely Family