10 New Years Resolutions

Take Charge of Your Health with our NHCs

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Eat Organic Produce!

Fill up on fresh fruits and veggies at Natty Gs—Certified Organic is all we carry.


Cook one new recipe a week

Keep things exciting—we’ll deliver a delicious, nutritious new recipe to your inbox every week, just ask!


Quench your thirst with our tips for keeping hydration fun and sustainable.

Snack Smarter

Ask us how NOT to fall into resolution breaking snack traps. Also, if you share a Natty Gs Brand Snack Pack with me, I’ll sing you a song.


Take the right supplements

Get the scoop on the Foundational Five-to-Thrive and ask our NHCs to help reset your supplement routine to your specific needs.

Spend Smarter

Discover all the ways Natural Grocers can stretch your dollar. (I’m not called Budgeting Bertrand for nothing).

Manage your Stress

Our expert tips, exceptional standards, and one-stop shopping experience make this resolution an easy-keeper! A little birdsong in the morning helps too, just saying.


build and maintain a healthy immune system

We have the expertise and the best immune-supporting products at prices that I, Budgeting Bertrand, approve and check out this class on simple ways to support immunity.

shop at Natural Grocers

It all comes down to my two favorite words (besides olive oil), Natural Grocers! We’ll keep you on track all year because we have everything you need, right here, right now.