Letter From the Isely's - July

To all our friends, neighbors and the cute pup next door,


Would you like to know what we’re about this month? Because we’d love to share— it’s art!

July Isely Letter

They say so many things about art and what it means. “Something created with imagination and skill.” “Something beautiful.” We say we’re all about the process this year, rather than the finished piece. This July, what we’re after is the art OF.


The art of appreciating moments. The art of reframing challenges. The art of creating things, especially mouthwatering, healthy food kinds of things. So we're going to unleash our imaginations and send them outside to the grill. We'll tell them to play all afternoon in the sunshine, with a basketful of organic produce, or some lifetime-grazed beef perhaps. Maybe it'll be bison or yak. Because you see, we're making July about what summer was meant to be—The Art of Burgering.


Our pursuit of art doesn't end between the crunchy soft rounds of a perfectly toasted bun—no, that means it's just begun. Our imaginations are on the loose now, and the possibilities are endlessly delicious.


Salad is an art form worthy of perusal, whether it's potato, or made of fruit with a dash of basil. There's the art of cherry coconut popsicles too, and we can't forget a tall glass of strawberry lemonade. It should be sipped slowly on the patio to the tune of ice cubes clinking, and we think you'll agree—it compels company. Perhaps a book of poetry, a lively conversation, or maybe just that cute pup peering through the fence will do.


Yes, 2020’s been some kind of year, but what if this narrowed lens we’ve been looking through can teach us a thing or two? Maybe we’re finally taking time for what we’ve been missing—the value of the process, not the finished piece. The back yard-sitting, healthy food creating, loved ones loving art of living—because that IS a beautiful thing.