Letter From the Isely's - May

Wellbeing. Family. Gratitude. These have always been our defining values, and now they shine with the clarity that only a crisis imparts. They illuminate our family’s focus this May—to care for the wellbeing of our community and Crew, and to cultivate gratitude in the spaces where uncertainty and fear like to linger.



Wellbeing is a synonym for health, as is strength, and we think all three are essential these days. The story of Natural Grocers is rooted in taking charge of health, beginning with our mother and grandmother, Margaret’s, empowering journey to wellness. Now, as building a strong foundation for immune competence and overall health is essential, our defining values enable us to provide critical support to our communities. Our quality standards continue to be uncompromising, our prices Always Affordable, and our Nutrition Education remains rooted in science and is always complimentary because we believe everyone should be empowered to take charge of their health. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we continue to focus on our defining values to provide you and our good4u Crew with the safest shopping and working spaces possible and have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures, provided facemasks, established social-distancing policies, and implemented Senior (and underlying health conditions) shopping hours twice a week to better serve our most at-risk neighbors. Your wellbeing is something our family takes personally, and we’re involved every day in making the details of your quest for vibrant health as safe as possible.



Family, tribe, people—there are so many ways to say it, and so many faces to add meaning to the concept. Our people, our tribe, our family is the dedicated Crew who show up every day so that we can continue to provide healthy food and resources to our community. Their wellbeing is the focus of our energy right now. Our care for our Crew is in the details. From the handmade cotton masks sewn for them by the Isely family and other Crew members and their families; to the personal bottles of hand sanitizer provided to them and filled by hand from batches made by local breweries; to the free wellness supplements provided to Crew every day to take at their discretion, we’re outfitting our heroes in aprons with every protection we can. Behind the scenes, we’re providing raises, bonuses, extended break time, and expanded benefits to thank and support our Crew throughout this crisis. We take care of our Crew because that’s the kind of family our mother and grandmother taught us to be. 



Gratitude, recognition, thanks—it’s an everyday practice—an appreciation of the lovely little details that enrich our lives. This month, we want to chase away the shadows of our collective uncertainty with gratitude, and we want to recognize our people along the way—our Crew, our neighbors, and our mothers. Thank You, and Happy Mother’s Day!