Letter From The Iselys - September

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“The breezes taste of apple peel, the air is full of smells to feel…” John Updike

You’re a charming month, September! Our family has lots of love for you, and it’s not just that you smell so good—it’s Organic Month too! Our passion for organic has us celebrating all the ways it spells better health for our neighborhoods and the planet; here are just a few.

Optimal for the environment, for animals, for farmers, and for you! There’s NO dependency on synthetic chemicals here, but there IS healthier soil, cleaner water, and more bees and butterflies. Organic means a better life for animals, and better economic opportunities for farm communities. It means LESS pesticide residues in your body and NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in your food. It’s a better way to eat!


Regenerative, because we can’t wait any longer to turn this thing around—we’re headed for a planetary breakdown! Organic practices regenerate soil health, supporting its ability to hold water, helping to prevent soil erosion and desertification, and restoring its ability to sequester CO2, providing us with a powerful tool to reverse climate change. Organic farms can also restore biodiversity—from microorganisms and plants to birds and bees. Renewal, not removal, is the organic way.


GMOs are not allowed. You don’t have to think twice—GMOs are never allowed in products labeled organic. They are not allowed in seeds in organic fields nor in feeds at organic dairies. They are not allowed in the pastures on organic ranches nor in the ingredients of organic packaged foods. Organic standards guarantee that it’s naturally non-GMO!


Accountability means it’s a label you can trust, because organic integrity is verified every step of the way. No other label covers as much, making sure your family gets only the best. From seed to final product, from farmland, to harvest, to post-harvest, to manufacturing plants, to packaging materials, organic food is held to stringent standards and inspected by USDA- accredited agencies, so that you can be sure of its authenticity, and that you are getting a product made without concerning or problematic ingredients.


Nutrient dense is the organic way. From the soil it grows in, to the fruits and veggies, milk and meat that you bring home, organic has more! Studies show higher levels of antioxidants in organic produce and more omega-3’s and CLA (a healthy fat!) in beef and dairy. Plus, our taste buds confirm that it’s more delicious.


Integrative, because it’s about harmonizing with nature, not mono-cropping it. Composting, cover cropping, and rotational grazing nourish the soil, beneficial insects help control pests, and biodiversity attracts pollinators—it’s how organic helps all the parts work for the whole.


Carbon conscious! Organic farming has a lighter carbon footprint, but a heavier impact on CO2 sequestration. The longer one farms organically, the healthier the soil and the more CO2 it can sequester. The Rodale Institute, which has been putting the science behind organic since 1947, has done statistical modeling that shows we could sequester more than 100% of current CO2 emissions if we converted all global croplands and pasture to regenerative organic agriculture. Let’s get conscious about regeneration!


Our family is proud to prioritize organic groceries on our shelves, organic meat and dairy in our cold cases, and to carry ONLY 100% organic produce in all our stores. We hope that this September finds you sinking your teeth into crisp, organic apples, taking deep breaths of fresh air, and joining us to celebrate better health for our neighborhoods and the planet!


References Available Upon Request