Letter From The Isely's: A Thanksgiving Toast

Happy November everyone! It’s that season when all roads lead to the most serious meal of the year, and we think it deserves a toast.

November Letter From The Iselys


Here’s to the turkey going in the oven without a hitch, so you don’t have hungry guests pitching a fit. May it brown to perfection, succulent with drippings and smelling of “heaven.” May the best carver in the house step up to the plate, and after dinner is done, may there be just enough left for next-day sandwiches. May your turkey always be free-range, non-GMO and organic, and if it’s Tofurky—may it roast just as perfectly!


Here’s to mounds of potatoes, mashed to fluffy precision. May they be loaded with pasture-based butter and just the right amount of sea salt. May they NOT cool too quickly, and may you NEVER run out of gravy. Most importantly, DO skip the Dirty Dozen™ (yep, potatoes are on the list) and opt for organic, because it’s so much better for your health and the planet.


Here’s to cranberries in ruby red splendor, with a dash of orange zest. May your sauce flawlessly thicken, bursting with flavor and a hint of cinnamon. And may your berries never be grown with carcinogenic, neuro-toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your brain and our precious wetlands. Yes, please choose organic!


Here’s to stuffing so savory and rolls warm and buttery, to candied yams, mac and cheese and the creamiest, crunchiest green bean casserole. May your pie crust be flaky, and your dessert stomach still empty when it comes time to dig in. And most fundamentally, may your feast be unburdened by artificial additives, trans fats, GMOs and MSG, because they take the appetite right out of appetizing.


Here’s to many hands for peeling, chopping and stirring, and even more for dishwashing. May the laughter be abundant, family and friends convivial and your after-dinner snooze uninterrupted. And above all, we hope your pre-Thanksgiving shopping is stress free. At your neighborhood Natural Grocers, we aim to make it easy. All our produce is organic, our turkeys are free-range, and our butter and milk is pasture-based. When it comes to artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavors or other NOT good4u junk, you never need worry, and over our labels you NEVER need pore, because we don’t let it into the store.


From our family to yours, have the happiest Thanksgiving!