Think Wisely - June 2022

Treat the Father figure in your life with some of these great products in this edition of Think Wisely.

Butter Dad Up

Kerrygold Irish ButterHard work and dedication—if that doesn’t describe dad, we don’t know what does. Express your appreciation with Kerrygold Irish Butter—it’s the peak of excellence in churned dairy goods, also made possible through “hard work and dedication.” Dairy farming is a 6,000 year-tradition in Ireland, where the “sweetest, richest milk in the world” comes from cows who graze year-round on lush grasses. Creamy, golden butter from a brand built on stewarding the land, honoring the animals, and taking care of the clan—dad needs it melting down his Father’s Day short stack.

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A Taste Of France

Natural Grocers Brand TrufflesPerhaps you can’t take him to Paris or the French Riviera this Father’s Day, but you can light up his taste buds with an exquisite moment of decadence, hand-crafted in France! A family-owned company of chocolatiers, who have been refining their art since 1948, create the melt in-your-mouth perfection of Natural Grocers® Brand Organic Cocoa Dusted Truffes. They’re Certified Organic, palm oil free, and crafted with Fair Trade cocoa. And, if dad has behaved himself this year, you may want to gift him every flavor because who can choose between Caramel, Orange Peel, Cappuccino, and Chocolate?

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Tony’s = Select Dad-sized Chocolate!

Tony's Chocolonely BarsTony’s Chocolonely knows what it stands for—a mission to make “100% slave-free the norm in chocolate!” Rooted in its 5 Sourcing Principles, the brand develops effective solutions to some of the cocoa industry’s biggest problems. From its BeanTracker technology that enables traceability all along the supply chain to an extra premium paid in addition to Fair Trade—Tony’s isn’t built on empty promises. And, they don’t pretend the mission is accomplished already. Instead, they invite you along to make an impact, too, starting by letting cravings run free with these dad-sized bars of Belgian chocolate!

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Bread, But Better

Silver Hills Bread ProductsSome say we built entire civilizations on bread, a food whose origins go back to humanity’s earliest records. At Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery, they fuse the time-honored craft of breadmaking with another ancient process— sprouting. It unlocks the vitamins and minerals in whole grains for easier absorption and enhances the digestibility of proteins and starches through enzyme action, resulting in better bread-y things. Plant-based and Non-GMO Project Verified with organic options, too; introduce dad to Silver Hills. It’s the kind of hearty deliciousness that might just keep civilizations running—because... sandwiches!

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Super Snacks For Super Dads

Mighty Organic Beef SticksIf Father’s Day involved stockings—Original Mighty Organic Beef Sticks would be the stuffer of choice! Made with 100% grassfed beef, they’re Certified Organic and crafted without synthetic hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides, or GMOs. This snacking staple is brought to you by Organic Valley, America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers, which has been focused on its founding mission of saving family farms and upholding extremely high standards of animal care since 1988. Bold and savory—Mighty Organic Beef Sticks are ready to go anywhere the father figures in your life are headed.

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Bachan’s—Because Flavor!

Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce“Awesome sauce”—sounds like a dad line, right? And, when you give him Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce this Father’s Day, you’ll never hear the end of “awesome sauce.” Don’t let that deter you, though, because when you bestow this transformer of flavor—it’s a gift that gives back! A treasured family recipe, real mirin, and traditionally brewed soy sauce from Japan are just some of the secrets. Crafted in small batches, cold-filled to protect its deliciousness from heat damage, and Non-GMO Project Verified—Bachan’s flavorful difference is unforgettable, like Dad Jokes but sophisticated.

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Badger Is For Body Care And Bearding

Badger ProductsFor the papas with facial hair and for those who keep it bare, Badger has the goods for majestic beards and super smooth shaves. It began decades ago with a carpenter who needed a solution for his dry, cracked hands during New England winters. He created Badger Balm, and the rest is history. Today, this family-run, B-Corp Certified Company is led by his daughters, who continue crafting “powerfully pure” body care products inspired by those they love. Made in a 100% solar-powered facility nestled in the New Hampshire woods, Badger—it’s a line as fierce and loyal as Pops!

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Help A Papa De-stress

Natural Grocers Brand RhodiolaIn Viking lore, they used Rhodiola to enhance strength and stamina. Today, scientific research validates its function as an adaptogen supporting the body’s stress response with a balancing effect on cortisol—the stress hormone. Studies have shown it can assist the body during chronic stress by reducing cortisol production, enhancing stress-response proteins, and revitalizing mental function. Natural Grocers Brand Rhodiola is standardized to contain 3% rosavins and 1% salidroside, the plant’s main phytochemicals, which are considered responsible for these effects. So, hey—diaper duty stressing a Papa out? Give the guy some Rhodiola!

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Filters For Fathers

New Wave Enviro productsA day in the life… of dad might include problem-solving, right? Because dads are known for solutions (usually). And, this is what family-owned, New Wave Enviro has been known for since 1993—answers to everyday issues like cleaner water and better food storage. Like dad, New Wave knows that a problem-solving specialist doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, so they offer a range of water filters, water dispensers, reusable water bottles and food storage containers to suit your lifestyle. Solve a problem for dad and be kinder to the planet, too!

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Go For The Gold

Natural Grocers Brand Turmeric and Natural Grocers Brand Meriva Curcumin ExtractThe gold standard in healthy inflammation modulation meets the gold standard in supplement quality—Natural Grocers® Brand Turmeric and Natural Grocers Brand Meriva® Curcumin Extract. Turmeric’s inflammation modulation capabilities are well-established through scientific research, which is how it supports cardiovascular health, promotes a healthy lifespan, and supports brain fitness as we age. Natural Grocers Brand Turmeric is standardized to 95% curcumin—the most researched component of the plant. And, with Natural Grocers Brand Meriva Curcumin Extract, you can take it next level via this unique, clinically studied, patented extract, optimized for bio-absorption. It’s one of the only formulas to combine the benefits of Meriva with whole turmeric root powder, too. Dad deserves the gold standard, no?

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Good Gut Feelings

 Good Belly productsYou’ve probably heard that around 70% of your immune system lives in your gut! Perhaps you also know that approximately 95% of serotonin, sometimes called the “happy chemical,” is produced in the gut. And, there are trillions of microorganisms in your intestines (i.e., gut), some good—some not so great, which means supporting a healthy balance of gut microflora is essential! Drop this knowledge at the Father’s Day celebration alongside GoodBelly Probiotics JuiceDrinks. They’re loaded with fruity refreshment and 20 billion probiotics from a strain shown to support digestive microflora balance. Happy gut—happy Pops!

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Select Legends And Lattes

Laird Superfood productsThe legend of big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, is no myth—his daring feats are known facts. So, helping dad start his day as Laird does, means the legendary possibilities abound… or, at least, the elevated ways to drink coffee do. Laird Superfood® originated from Hamilton adding plant-based fats to his morning coee to boost his performance on the waves. Now anyone can hack their morning routine with Superfood Creamers and Instafuel® latte mixes, enhanced with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and functional foods for longer-lasting energy. Go on, dad—catch a wave, or take a walk, and keep being your legendary self.

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