Think Wisely - September 2019

If you're thinking about the mundane task of writing your next grocery list, how about doing a little light reading first? Allow us to introduce you to "Think Wisely"—a narrative about the stuff you may want to include in your next snack, or brunch, or "welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket... Every product has a story to tell, and we're having a blast finding some fun ones to share with you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and make that grocery list something you look forward to.

Is Your Lunch Telling A True Story?True Story Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 6 oz

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Have you ever had that dream where you’re on a mission to make something so delicious it could be served at a Michelin-star restaurant? The world’s best turkey sandwich for example—meat and cheese piled high between thick, crusty pieces of sourdough, oozing with Dijon mustard, tomato, and red onion dripping with flavor bite after bite… Your mouth is open, poised to tear into your first piece, then suddenly you wake up!?! The folks at True Story had this kind of dream—the kind that tasted what was missing in the world of sandwiches: cleaner, simpler, more flavorful meat, without artificial additives and over-processing. So, they woke up and did something about it. Now their quest for better meat is here to make your dreams come true with sandwich-ready slices of chicken and turkey that are certified humanely raised and organic, free of nitrites and nitrates, and artificial junk.


Probiotic-Powered CleanAunt Fannie's Lavender Cleaner

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This one is for everyone who believes that clean shouldn’t come dirty to begin with! Plus, it’s here for when your neighbor drops by unexpectedly and starts staring down at your countertops. Aunt Fannie’s is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine with commercial-grade effectiveness, but without the toxic chemicals found in many cleaners—and that’s only the beginning. When Mat Franken’s young son was experiencing chronic health problems, he tried everything. Then the lightbulb in the cleaning closet came on! Not only were his sanitation supplies leaving behind a harsh, chemical residue, but they were also killing off good bacteria around the house—the kind that would support his son’s immune system. So, he got busy on a solution. Now, Aunt Fannie’s Microcosmic Probiotic-Powered Cleaners are here to renew the delicate balance of your home’s ecosystem, just like they transformed Mat’s. Using only non-toxic, food-based and probiotic ingredients, and 100% essential oil scents—they’re dermatologist and allergy tested and designed to pair with the pH of your skin. Hurry in and grab some at your nearest Natural Grocers, before your neighbor notices that smudge on your window, and let our prices keep your budget clean like you’ve never seen! 

Meet the Real CashewSkin On Salted Cashews

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It’s a crispy, crunch when you bite in, with a pop of salt to satisfy cravings. It’s fun trying a familiar food a new way! That’s why we’re proud to source our bulk nuts from the best places, while keeping them the freshest, and this time we’re bringing home cashews like you’ve never tasted them before. They’re a favorite snack in Vietnam and Taiwan, and in our experience, anything that has “local” approval, is a thing we want to try. So, what’s the big difference between ours and the standard cashew? These delicious non-GMO cashews from Vietnam are dry-roasted and salted, with the skin left on. It adds this whole extra layer of crunch and introduces your taste buds to the real cashew, in its natural state. Are you ready to discover the next great Natural Grocers snack? Get your cashew crunch on and save some cash, too.

Hope Your Party Has Dips Like ThisFrench Onion Cashew and Almond Dip

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Hope Foods has gone nuts, and you’re invited to the party! Gather your friends, gather your neighbors, maybe even gather a few strangers, because Hope’s new Cashew & Almond Dips are made for sharing! The mission was transforming your favorite dairy-based spreads into the creamiest, plant-based deliciousness. The result is so velvety smooth, you won’t believe there’s no dairy, gluten, or artificial help, but there ARE loads of mouth-watering possibilities. Stir Roasted Garlic into pasta, spread French Onion on sandwiches and savor them both with all kinds of chips. Just try not to lose sleep dreaming up new ways to enjoy each one. Made in small batches a few miles from the Farmer’s Market where they first started—you can taste the craftsmanship, and the Hope in every Non-GMO Project Verified bite. Time to call your pals and go nuts, because we have one party-ready price.

Soup But BetterKettle and Fire Tomato Soup

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Are you getting enough bone broth in your life? There’s an icebreaker for you the next time you’re stumbling through small talk! All jokes aside though—bone broth is a goldmine of collagen, the essential protein that supports glowing skin, healthy joints, and a happy gut. The problem is, it takes forever to prepare. So, if time is standing between you and bone broth’s benefi ts—you must meet Kettle & Fire! Grass-fed and pasture-raised bones? Check. Organic veggies? Check. Slow simmered for hours to maximize collagen and nutrients? Doublecheck. It’s free of artifi cial preservatives, packed in recyclable containers, and ready to go with you anywhere because Kettle & Fire stands for shelf-stable convenience without compromising quality. Now they’re making it even easier to get more bone broth in your life because they’ve turned it into the coziest kind of comfort food—soup!

Bacopa Can Help You Cope-A!Gaia Herbs Bacopa

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Hello, fall semester! It’s just beginning to sink in, the pressure building around the edges of your brain, as exams loom on the horizon. So much to remember, so little time… Whether it’s a full class schedule or a never-ending to-do list, our brains are battling overwhelm, and they need support. That’s why it’s time to meet Gaia Herbs Bacopa! Here’s the scoop on this brilliant botanical: studies have shown it can enhance learning and memory, with benefits usually appearing 6–12 weeks into supplementation.* One notable attribute is that it safeguards memory’s backdoor, by reducing the amount of new information that we promptly forget.** Can you guess who produces one of the few US-grown extracts of bacopa? Yes, Gaia Herbs! They make their bacopa extract from plants harvested at their greenhouse in North Carolina. Now with their innovative MeetYourHerbs® technology, you can follow its journey from seed to bottle, and verify its purity and potency firsthand. Just check your label for details.*** Whether you want a head start on exams or on remembering your holiday gift list—Gaia Bacopa is up for the task, and Natural Grocers’ prices are here to support you! 

Wanderlust And Chocolate

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Chocolate is a traveler’s treat—just close your eyes and let it carry you around the globe. The flavors tell of far-away places where climate, soil, and people impact every detail whispering to your taste buds. When you unwrap a bar of chocolate, you’re holding a roadmap of choices in the palm of your hand. The question is—what kind of choices are they? Are they in favor of small farmers, of fair prices, of regenerative practices? If it’s Equal Exchange Chocolate, the answer is YES! This employee-owned cooperative exists to strengthen the connection between the choices we make and the origins of our food. Every bar is a journey of impact, from cacao to sugar and vanilla to the certified organic seal—it supports small farmers and a greener planet. And, every bite is a pure delight, from the bright spice of Lemon Ginger to the smooth, dark intensity of Panama—it’s a traveler’s treat!


Real Ingredients —Unreal Flavor!Unreal Chocolate Peanut Gems

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“Too good to be true” doesn’t exist when you’re a kid, remember those days? The days when the extraordinary wonders of life are all within reach—you just stretch out your tiny hands and grab them. It’s hard to find such moments when you’re grown, but a handful of UNREAL chocolate gems can instantly take you back. The taste, the texture, the tantalizing purple, pink and blue pieces in your hand—they’re made with real ingredients, nothing artificial, and they’re extraordinarily delicious! How is it possible? Once upon a time, two brothers—Nicky and Kris Bronner, set out on a mission to prove that candy isn’t bad for you! They ended up with a new mission—reinventing their favorite chocolate treats without the junk. The result? When you experience the sweet crunch of UNREAL gems—or the creamy center of their nut butter cups—you’ll be as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Free from corn syrup, artificial junk, and GMOs, they’re lower in sugar and colored by food. They’re also vegan (except for milk chocolate), and they’re just waiting to prove that sometimes “too good to be true” is not so UNREAL!


Minimal Effort, Maximum EnjoymentTribali Chipotle Chicken Patties

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It sizzles with the aromas of fire-roasted garlic and a hint of rosemary. You plate it on a colorful bed of veggies and inhale deliciousness. The cherry tomato on top is that it took you under 30 minutes to prepare. How? It’s called Tribalí, a rare combination of convenient and wholesome, in the shape of organic beef and chicken patties (pasture raised and free range of course). Blended with a tasty selection of veggies and spices, they’re ready to go straight from the freezer to your stovetop, broiler or grill. The story begins decades ago when Angela Bicos Mavridis discovered the joy of real food while spending summers with her grandmother in Greece. As she followed her from vegetable grocer to the neighbor’s farm, gathering ingredients for dinner, a legacy was cemented that would shape her future. Now she merges the traditions of her grandmother’s kitchen with the demands of modern life. The result is your new culinary secret, rendered in Paleo certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, appetite-inducing excellence. All you must do is decide whether tonight’s menu features Mediterranean, Umami or Chipotle Chicken.