Resolution Reset Day®

Join us on January 18th, 2019 at all Natural Grocers locations

100 million Americans will drop their New Year's resolution by February. Don't drop your resolution, reset it with Natural Grocers. 



Check out these keto recipes to help kick off your Resolution Reset


Reset Your Resolution!

Is Your Resolution To Lose Weight or Eat Healthier in 2019? 

Natural Grocers' Director of Nutrition Education and certified natural foods chef Karen Falbo recommends these tips to reset your resolution!

Reduce Your Cravings.

Reduce cravings for sweets, sugar, and junk food by balancing your blood sugar with adequate protein and healthy fats, eating more fiber-rich vegetables and planning ahead! Meal prepping is the surest way to stick to your resolution!

Keep Your Energy Up.

Eat a balanced meal and/or snack every four to five hours throughout the day. Make sure to pack healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, cheese, and veggies.

Write It Down

Stick to your New Year's resolution by using a journal to track your diet and your progress. Research shows those who write down and track their goals are more likely to accomplish them.

Hack Your Morning Coffee.

Kick-start your day and your brain power by adding MCT oil or collagen to your coffee. Collagen has many benefits, including helping to bolster the body's main detox organ, the liver. MCT oil paired with a low carbohydrate diet can support maintaining a healthy weight by kicking fat-burning into overdrive. It also revs up brain function. 

Strengthen Your Support System

Natural Grocers employs health education experts - our highly trained Nutritional Health Coaches - who offer free, personalized health coaching sessions. Don't delay, get the support you need today. 

To learn more about the nutrition classes offered or to schedule a one-on-one session in your area, use our store locator to find the store nearest you. 

Go to for tips, recipes, and free nutrition education articles. 

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