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Posted 01/17/17

The Right Fats for Your Best Brain

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Has anyone ever told you you’ve got a fat head? No? Well, you do. Literally, your brain, and mine, is comprised of about 60% fat. So it should come as no surprise that fat is essential for healthy brain function. From before birth until death,...

Posted 11/29/16

Sick of Sweets? Savory Snacks to the Rescue!

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN As of today we have just over a month left until New Year’s. Great, you might say, still time to shop and plan gatherings, lots of time to celebrate and be with loved ones! But there’s a not-so-great side to the long holiday season: we’ve...

Posted 09/28/16

5 Tips to Fall in Love with Organic Veggies

From DJ Cavem & Alkemia Earth 1. Fresh Like Water Try infusing your water with your favorite veggies and fruits, like cucumber, fresh herbs and watermelon. It’s fun for the whole family! 2. Steam Like Greens Lightly steam or sauté your greens with fresh grated ginger and chopped onion and pineapple....

Posted 09/20/16

Fall In Love With Organic Apples!

Shorter days, cooler nights, a new school year… a shift in seasons has begun. With seasonal changes afoot, now is also a good time to make a shift in your diet, from conventional produce to organic. According to current estimates, nearly 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year...

Posted 09/13/16

Elevate Your Tailgate Party—Go Organic!

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN What better way to celebrate your favorite events than by tailgating—gathering with friends and family to enjoy some good food, drink a couple cold ones and heckle your opponent’s fans a little, and all before the game even starts. While last season you might have...

Posted 09/6/16

Mocktails for your Tailgate Party!

You go all out on game day, so why not try these special drinks for tailgating? These mocktail recipes are fun and delicious, they can be made ahead in mason jars: Just twist on the lids and pack with ice in a cooler, and you’ve got impressive mocktails that won’t...

Posted 08/30/16

A+ for Apples!

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Tomorrow, September 1st, we are kicking off the celebration of Organic Month here at your organic headquarters, Natural Grocers, by giving every customer* an organic apple in a small reusable bag! Not only are apples a great addition to a school lunch box, a wonderful teacher appreciation...

Posted 08/2/16

Don’t Fall for These Common Detox Myths

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Everywhere you turn, someone is touting the benefits of detoxing. And there are a myriad of reasons why a person might choose to undertake a detox or cleanse (actively trying to encourage the process of detoxification or otherwise cleaning out the body), such as feeling...

Posted 07/26/16

6 Delicious Detox Meals

by Lani Jacobs-Banner If overindulgence in treats and too much eating out has left you feeling bloated and tired, it might be time to consider a dietary detox boost. The liver is always working to make our bad decisions not so bad for our bodies, and as a thank-you, we...

Posted 07/5/16

Drink Up! Expert Tips to Keep You Hydrated This Summer

The one thing most of us can count on this summer, whether we’re climbing a mountain, riding a century, landscaping the yard or chasing kids around the playground, is sweat. No, it’s not very glamorous, but it’s a fact of life and one that we should be grateful for. When...