Letter From The Iselys - January

Isely Letter January

Dear January, We have a small grudge with you! You haven’t the romance of February or the spring flowers of April. You don’t smell of summer the way June does, and you’re missing October’s pumpkin patch charm. You lack the delicious enchantment that carries us through November and December, but when the holidays are over, we always wake up to you—January. You’re a blank page, on which we vow to stop eating cookies, start exercising daily, and make this new year one for the books. But then you hide the sunshine from us, turn snow into slush, and gray seems to be your favorite color. Plus, you’re just so full of that long word, resolutions, which compels us to start talking about how we don’t make those anymore because we know how it goes. Yet, the word persists, January—it seems to be your mantra, but you don’t make it easy when the only thing you offer is this vast, empty page.


So, we’ve been thinking—here’s what we’d like from you, January: why don’t you start talking about “baby steps?” There’s a concept we can digest. You give us a sunny winter afternoon, and we promise to step outside and take a walk. You remind us about all the cruciferous veggies that are in season, and next thing you know, we’ll say that cabbage soup or roasted Brussels sprouts sound perfect for that chilly evening. You could infuse your wintry breezes with the smell of citrus, and we’ll trade out that candy bar for an orange that’s brimming with vitamin C. Instead of your relentless yammering about resolutions, January, you could start talking about community, and how sharing our goals with others helps us reach them. And we would say, YES—I’m going to call a friend and head over to Natural Grocers for Resolution Reset Day®.


You see, January, there are lots of things to love about you—like the fact that you’re National Hot Tea Month, and some of our favorite folks’ birthday month too. So, if you would do us the solid of making your expectations a little less intimidating, we’ll let go of our grudge. Resolutions are grand, but knowledge is empowering, community is motivating, and one small step after another is the way to get there. Thanks for letting us get this off our chest, January. Now let’s fill your blank pages with all the good little things—like an afternoon stroll, a cup of hot tea, some Natural Grocers chocolate, and of course—Dr. Seuss!


I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny. - Dr. Seuss


References Avaliable Upon Request