Think Wisely - January 2020

If you're thinking about the mundane task of writing your next grocery list, how about doing a little light reading first? Allow us to introduce you to "Think Wisely"—a narrative about the stuff you may want to include in your next snack, or brunch, or "welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket... Every product has a story to tell, and we're having a blast finding some fun ones to share with you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and make that grocery list something you look forward to.

January Think Wisely


Summer Time Anytime

NGVC Frozen Mixed Berries


It's time to move over "cherry on top" because we have Natural Grocers mixed berries on top! Our frozen fruit has that spot-on sweet flavor that you're looking for when it's in season fresh. It's certified organic and non-GMO because that's how we do things 'round here. Added sugar, gluten, and other junk aren't hiding inside the BPA-free bags, simply fruit loaded with fiber and vitamin C. It's summertime anytime in our freezer section these days, with all kinds of berries and heavenly bites of mangoes, too. You can add them to smoothies, but with flavor like this, you're going to want to do so much more! 

Party Time Crunch

NGVC Blue Corn Tortilla Chips


Our tortilla chips have that “can’t-stop-eating-them” texture. With just the right thickness, reliable crispness, and the stoneground flavor of old family recipes, they’re everything guacamole’s ever wanted in a triangle kind of chip! Minimal ingredients and a dash of sea salt let anything you pair them with shine. Blue begs for a side of green chili; yellow can’t wait for queso and white screams for any culinary adventure you have in mind. Our corny foods are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and waiting for you to say “party”!

Pasta Night Is Our Favorite Way to Pasta Time
NGVC Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce


What’s the difference between good pasta sauce and the legendary kind that haunts your dreams? Two words—heirloom tomatoes! They’re the reason every mouthful of our premium pasta sauce is filled with unforgettable flavor. It gets even better when you combine locally grown, heirloom tomatoes with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and a handful of veggies and spices! Kettle cooked in small batches; it’s certified organic, vegan-friendly, and FREE of artifcial preservatives, colors, flavors, or added sugar. Now you can enhance all your favorite pasta dishes with the secret to legendary taste: heirloom tomatoes, premium ingredients and artisanal excellence. We’ve made it easy to bring fine dining home and enjoy it family style!

You Say Tomato, We Canned Tomatoes
NGVC Diced Tomatoes


You say tomato, we say Natural Grocers brand of canned tomatoes, any way you like them. Grown in the California sunshine, on certified organic family farms, they’re never picked before they’re ready which guarantees they come home to you brimming with that bright tomato flavor. Micro irrigation saves on water, while recycled materials and BPA free linings make up the cans. They’re steam peeled, keeping harsh chemicals out of the process, and they’re completely free of added sugar. Our fire roasted, crushed or diced will amp up the delicious of any recipe you add them to. If you’re in a spicy kind of mood, we have them with green chile, or you can go Italian with notes of garlic, basil and oregano. Whether you want them with salt or without, crushed, diced, petite or in juice, our canned tomatoes are always at their savory best. You say tomato, we say keep your pantry stocked for any occasion with the finest quality on the block.

You’ll Want to Wake Up for This

NGVC French Roast Ground Coffee


The aroma is as enchanting as the first time you noticed it - those Sunday mornings at your grandparents’ house, as they divided up the comics over steaming mugs of coffee. It’s a fresh cup of Natural Grocers’ coffee, deliciously waking up our neighborhood! Certified organic and fair trade, it comes from an employee-owned company that helps farmers’ children pursue higher education and pays beyond fair-trade premiums. We have six habit-forming varieties from French Roast and Breakfast to single-origin beans. Gramps and Gram may have had better comics, but we have better coffee, and now you’re old enough to try it!

Chocolate Is the Answer
NGBP Almonds and Sea Salt


What’s the one right answer to any question? In our world, it’s Natural Grocers Organic Belgian Chocolate Bars! Smooth. Rich. Balanced. They coat your taste buds with flavor, melting into creamy bliss, the way only premium Belgian chocolate can. Our five exquisite varieties are crafted from Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and infused with organic sea salt, caramel, almonds, pineapple, and coconut. They’re made without artificial additives or GMOs but with social equity and environmental sustainability. Minimal ingredients, in the hands of world-class chocolatiers, results in decadence we couldn’t pass up. Come and get yours before we eat them all ourselves!

Spread the Deliciousness
NGVC Raspberry Preserves


Find yourself in a jam? Why not try Natural Grocers preserves! They’re like jam the way grandma used to make it. Certified organic and non-GMO, they’re high in flavor and low in sugar—30% LESS than similar brands! Tastefully produced in small batches and packed in family-sized, recyclable jars, they come from preserving partners who share our values of giving back to their communities. We have all your favorite berry flavors, plus apricot for loads of extra fun like glazing and arguing over pronunciation. Now you can spread the deliciousness on everything, and never get stuck in a jam again.

The Toast with The Most
NGVC Bread


Something was missing in our bread section. We couldn’t find that sweet spot—that chewy texture, with a side of nutty crunch, for an always affordable price spot. So, we decided to bring home our own sprouted bread and change the future of sandwiches. Packed with whole-grain taste and free of junk, it’s certified organic, non-GMO and kosher. Sprouting boosts protein and fiber content, lowers the glycemic index and can help improve digestion of grains, which makes this a real breadwinner, (pun intended)! So toast to making it in a peanut and tree-nut free facility and sink your teeth into deliciousness.

Breakfast, Brunch, Why Not Lunch?
NGVC Maple Syrup


What is thick, caramelly and divine on French toast? Adores cold climates and nutritious lifestyle habits? Maple syrup! We adore maple syrup, so we went searching for our own bucket full. We knew we found it when we tasted these robust drops, with a strength of flavor like no other syrup class. It doesn’t quit after breakfast either—it’s splendid for glazing, grilling, and baking, too. Collected with care for the forest, using low impact methods, now we’re bringing it home in BPA-free containers, certified organic and nonGMO. Drizzle some over your pork or pancakes… you’ll see. There’s finally a world-class, Grade A maple syrup, with a house brand kind of price!

The Motherlode of Vinegar
NGVC Apple Cider Vinegar


Our apple cider vinegar is bursting with flavor—the crisp tang of apples, straight from the tree and never from concentrate. It’s raw, unfiltered, organic, and it has ‘the mother,’ which is the life source of fermented products and packed with beneficial nutrients and bacteria. Sustainably produced on the west coast from local apples, it’s pressed into juice, then converted to vinegar; it’s as simple as that—no pasteurization. The process is zero-waste, using every piece from peel to the core, and the allergen-free facility employs more than 50% solar-powered energy. Brighten your routine with this champion of vinegar at our gold medal prices!

Adventure-Worthy Snacking
NGBP Jerky


It’s adventure time at Natural Grocers—our favorite, protein rich snack is calling all explorers! Just toss a bag of our Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Jerky in your pack, and let the dare devilling begin. Flavor shouts to your taste buds, in the savory notes of beef brought up the way it was meant to be—on pasture. Raised in the grasslands of Uruguay, it’s USDA certified organic and never given hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. There are NO added nitrites lurking in the BPA-free bags, BUT there is something to fulfill all your meaty cravings. From the zesty kick of Peppered to the sweet bite of Teriyaki or the smoky heat of Chipotle, the hardest choice will be which one to adventure with today. You can love taking chances, but you don’t have to take a chance on this!

Possibilities as Endless as The Sea
NGVC Sardines


Natural Grocers sardines are a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein and Omega-3s EPA and DHA. They're sustainably caught, which means they're not only good4u, they're good4 the planet too! Eat them straight out of the can or create your own Mediterranean meal as they make the perfect complement to salads, crackers, olives, and cheese. The possibilities are endless—just like the sea they're sourced from.

From the Kitchen to Your Coffee Cup
NGVC Coconut Oil


Natural Grocers Brand Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a high-grade, unrefined, premium product obtained from the first cold pressing of organic coconut kernels. With its naturally occurring medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), it's no wonder coconut oil has become the go-to oil not only for cooking and baking but for health and beauty routines as well—hack your coffee anyone? It's easy to do with a scoop of our coconut oil sourced from some of the purest, most unrefined coconuts on the planet. Oh, and did we mention? It's priced just right so you can afford to make your health a priority—from the kitchen to your coffee cup, make Natural Grocers Organic Coconut Oil part of your everyday routine

Cold-Pressed at Its Best!

NGVC Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The silky texture of our extra-virgin olive oil hits all the right notes: light aromas of apple and almond on the nose, and a slight spiciness at the end. It’s cold-pressed and unadulterated, sourced from the olive groves of Spain, where silvery trees have graced sunny hillsides for centuries. This everyday indulgence is certified organic and non-GMO, produced in a nut-free facility. Uniquely sustainable and distinctively delicious, its excellence contributes to renewable energy AND returning dinner guests. Pair with anything that tempts your palate for a luxuriously delightful experience at an everyday affordable price.