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Menopause, what it should be like, symptoms of imbalance. Adrenal Stress, how it affects to Menopause. How hormone imbalance is created and the importance of testing.  

Colorado Vegan Mom & Athlete Sheena will be your host as we explore how to's, hacks, tips and tricks on living the Plant Based way. Bring a buddies, your family members and questions as you dine on some delicious, meatless, dairy and egg free foods. 

Stress is a constant presence in modern life; but people don't realize how much it influences health.  In his workshop, Dr. Hall defines stress in 3 categories: physical, chemical and emotional.  He demonstrates how stress effects us on every level, creating chronic conditions.  Through his 3 Secrets, Dr. Hall shows how to combat everyday stress with simple techniques in order to live healthy, productive lives.    

Neurofeedback is an exciting therapy that teaches the brain to change itself and can help improve attention, elevate mood, change behavior, increase cognition, and more. In simple terms, neurofeedback is positive reinforcement for the brain. In November 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics approved neurofeedback as a Level 1 or “best support” treatment option for children suffering from ADHD.
The sound and smell of a sizzling grill are now upon us—and with it, all the wonderfully delicious summertime favorites like juicy watermelon, dark ripe cherries, creamy pasture-based ice cream and more! Sample the likes of these iconic summer foods during this healthier version of a traditional backyard barbecue. Yours too can be as healthy and delicious this summer!
This presentation is designed to educate people on true hydration and to illustrate that water is not simply just water. Learn how water can be therapeutic and healing if used correctly. This presentation will also teach you how to "go green" in your home and/or business using just water.

Are you tired of your or your loved one's seasonal sneezing interrupting your fun? Don't despair! Come sip on a tasty, soothing herbal mocktail with WishGarden Herbs and learn about herbs for soothing symptoms associated with allergies. Come prepared to learn, laugh, and experience some funky flavors.

Your body is like a bucket. With each daily toxic exposure, drop-by-drop your bucket becomes fuller. At some point the bucket begins to overflow. It may take years before your bucket spills over, but once it does inflammation is triggered and diseases manifests. We will discuss ways to reduce your toxic burden by living a clean life, eating organic, using nontoxic products, safe water, and safe detox protocols.    
Pain...Have you tried everything? Are you at the end of your rope? Joint Dr. Patricia Holl of the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic to learn about today's cutting edge and groundbreaking therapies and modalities available for the treatment of your pain, including injection therapies and cold laser, among others. Pain is no longer something you have to live with. Come discover options available to control your pain.
Apples are centuries old, but are as delicious today as ever. Learn about our amazing varieties of organic apples and tempt your senses with some of our favorite new, apple-inspired recipes. It's easy to make this healthful fruit a part of your everyday diet. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
We want to optimize our bodies response to stress, balance hormones, brain & body chemistry. Looking to diet, movement, sleeping, lifestyle habits, family epigenetics, and other influential factors. Which affect our metabolism & impact the nature of our BodyMind wellness & weight.
We will look to the makeup of our resources, nature of our BodyMind, internal healing processes, hormone balancing, circulation, lymph drainage, posture, optimize our inflammation response, enhance our natural healing regeneration from workouts, trauma's & create our new movement program.                                                
Dr Robbins has had his clinic in Billings since 2010. He has an alternative look at what allergies are and what the body will tend to do with allergens as it responds to them. He has an Alternative approach blended with Technology that he uses in his clinic. Giving people a little hope in a drug free and needle free option. Come and listen to some of his case files to see if you also have had similar reactions!
Now is your chance to spend 15 minutes in a brief session with our in-store nutrition professional. Look for the “Ask the Expert” table and pop in for your impromptu “sneak peek” at what a coaching session might look like! Be sure to bring those burning nutrition questions or feel free to take your designated 15 minutes to “Shop with the Expert” and get help with product selections or this week's dinner!
Because we are each individual, it is important to recognize that we all have very different needs nutritionally. Learn about the energies that reside in your body and how you can optimize your health by understanding the correct foods.
Come experience a session of knowledge and aromas. Ayurvedic cooking is a powerful way to gain the healing and balancing benefits of food. You will learn how to use spices and prepare some dishes that balance your doshas and improve your digestion. Don’t miss this opportunity to further your knowledge of Ayurveda and learn to make dosha specific meals.
Learn how to make delicious peanut butter and bacon cookies. You don't have to choose between sweet and savory, you can have it all.
It’s time for indulgence! Almond flour is a high-protein, low-carb flour alternative with a smooth buttery flavor that’s perfect for your gluten-free and grain-free baking. Enjoy this baking demonstration with an accompanying antioxidant rich tea, the drink of longevity.  

In this talk you will learn a simple model based on the award-winning book, “Beyond Foods” by Barbara Swanson.  Barbara spent over two decades researching Functional Nutrition. Learn how the body uses nutrients, and what the body needs in order to have better immune health, brain health and more.

An informative lecture describing the difference between a biological dental office and a standard dental office and why this more holistic approach to dentistry is an integral part of achieving whole-body wellness.
Unfortunately, simply drinking milk is not enough to keep bones healthy. Perhaps that’s why 10 million Americans have osteoporosis. Bones are living tissue that respond to bone building care throughout life. Support lifelong bone health by knowing how to get all the nutrients your bones need.
Real solutions and real results. During this groundbreaking seminar you will discover why most detoxification programs don't work, how toxins effect hormones and weight loss, how to know your toxicity levels, what is true cellular detox, and how toxins may be the reason you don't feel well.
It is estimated that 70 million Americans are affected by digestive disorders and many more by food sensitivities.  During this 60 minute presentation, learn the immune boosting and digestive support benefits achieved through consuming fermented foods and supplements.
Let’s get back to the basics! Discover the importance of getting off the blood sugar roller coaster using high-quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to build healthy & delicious meals. Together we'll make meal planning easy!
Throughout history, civilizations that have destroyed their environments have disappeared. Industrial agriculture in the United States is destroying our environment and jeopardizing the American way of life. How can one person influence change in the face of such a problem? Farmers who raise animals on managed pasture provide a beacon of hope and a way in which your food choices can save the planet!

Dr. Katie Takacs will be discussing the prevalence of these disorders, what the research says behind what's causing such an increase in the number of children affected, as well as how we can help manage these children from a holistic perspective.

Throughout your pregnancy a Chiropractor can perform a specific, low-force adjustment and gentle muscle work, known as the Webster Technique. This technique assesses and corrects sacral and vertebral misalignment, thus preventing torsion of the uterus, pain in the low back and abdomen, and undue stress during labor and delivery. Our ultimate goal is to guide you and your baby to your best possible birth outcome.
What is high cholesterol? Healthy cholesterol? Learn all about cholesterol, it's sources and supplements that support healthy cholesterol levels.  
Western medicine is excellent at acute care. Traditional Chinese medicine is excellent at some acute care but strong in chronic care. It is smart to get acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for rehabilitation and for chronic conditions. Although drugs are important in acute care they have side effects. In most cases Chinese herbal medicine can ease the elimination of and be a healthy replacement for drugs.
Western medicine is excellent at acute care. Traditional Chinese medicine is excellent at some acute care but strong in chronic care. It is smart to get acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for rehabilitation and for chronic conditions. Although drugs are important in acute care they have side effects. In most cases Chinese herbal medicine can ease the elimination of and be a healthy replacement for drugs.
Whether you love cooking or hate it, Jeffery will walk you step-by-step through a few of his favorite recipes to help you on your journey to healing your insulin resistance. If you have type 2 diabetes, are pre-diabetic, or your loved one is, then this class is for you. Jeffery has and continues to heal himself and will show you how food can heal you and your loved ones too!
Join Elizabeth Ferrera of Nourishing Kiddos for a fun and inventive kids cooking class (6-12 years old) to make hummus dip with vegetables while resident Doctor Sasha Houseman gives a pediatric nutrition essentials class for the parents to learn proper nutrition at every stage of development.
Flat screen TVs produce it. Smart phones make it. Fluorescent light bulbs too. You may not realize it, but you are constantly being exposed to blue light which can damage an important part of our eye known as the retina. Learn how lutein, a powerful phytonutrient can protect you from the damaging effects of blue light and more!
We’ve all heard horror stories of someone suffering from a chronic illness due to a mold infestation in their home. But, did you know that there are a lot of other toxic compounds found in your home, like constant exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, that may be damaging to your health? Get all the tips and tricks on creating a healthy home environment. .
We want to thank all our customers for shopping with us for three years!  Come let us show you how much we appreciate you with free samples, live demos from some of our local vendors, giveaways, and more!
Learn the ins and outs of using stevia, not just in recipes that are designed for it, but understand how to convert most recipes to use stevia, including tricks and adjustments.  We will make a flourless chocolate cake using pure stevia extract, then we will make a strawberry coulis topping using a blended stevia powder.  Finally, we will use a liquid vanilla stevia to make the whipped cream.  
There are so many choices in the foods we eat. Not everything is organic. It is natural to build up toxins that clog our channels and make us feel sluggish and foggy. It is important to get rid of the toxins with each passing season. In accord with Socrates' dictum, "Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be thy food," Ayurveda treats the body with whole herbs, fresh and organic foods and oils.
What’s for dinner? Vegetables! Discover how to eat more organic vegetables at dinner and we’ll help make all your healthy dreams a reality. Join the good4urevolution and Learn. Eat. Dream!

Join us for our Self Care Sunday Health Fair DIY aromatherapy station.  Come experience how fun and simple it is to make your own, personal roll on essential oil stick.  Limit one per customer, while supplies last.  

You eat organic and read labels to avoid chemicals, but what about your body care products? The average American uses 9 products a day for a total of 126 different ingredients -many of which are hormone disruptors, neurotoxins and skin irritants. But not ours! Scrub goodbye to skin care chemicals and learn fun, easy do-it-yourself body care using oils, foods and everyday ingredients at home.
Do you love to cook, create, and Do It Yourself? Join us for our DIY Extravaganza and let your creative juices flow! We’ve invited vendors from some of our wonderful brands, so you’ll be able to talk to the pros and learn how you can use their products to create your very own recipes! Whether it’s food, body care, or household items that you're interested in, we’ve got you covered!

Do you experience anxious symptoms such as racing thoughts, increased heart rate, the inability to calm your mind, difficulty sleeping, irritability and/ or low energy? Come learn how to alleviate your anxiety naturally. In this class we will be discussing how food, herbs and supplements, and lifestyle modifications can have extraordinary results in easing your anxiety. 

In this hour-long cooking demo with the meal prep expert behind Workweek Lunch, you'll learn how properly season and cook popular vegan proteins, tempeh and tofu, and pair them with leftover-friendly veggies. You'll also learn how to store and reheat food so your meal prep will stay fresh and flavorful in the fridge or freezer!

Autoimmune disease is becoming increasingly common in our modern life. This complex disease picture is the result of a combination of genetics, stress, toxic exposure, and lifestyle. Changing your diet can play a key role in managing your autoimmunity. Learn more about how the Autoimmune Paleo diet protocol can help you to manage your symptoms, and how to get started bringing some of these changes into your diet.

Join Dr. Tanuja Goulet, LAc, and Caroline Kim, LAc to learn how to eat in balance with the Seasons according to Chinese Medicine. This Seminar will focus on getting ready for Spring Season and best ways to support your body, organ systems, and maximize your health during this time.
Take your party foods to a healthier level. You’ll feel good knowing just how nutritious and easy to prepare these party treats can be. There’s no need to search for completely new recipes or eat unfamiliar food. Prepare your favorite foods, just upgrade them! 
What is Emotional Eating?  Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a bag of chips and just wondered how did I get here? In this class, you will learn how to recognize emotional eating triggers.  Understand why we compulsively eat.  Find ways to feed your feelings and begin the healing process. We will learn how to trade in judgement for curiosity; how stress effects how we eat and what we feels.
Gone but never forgotten, how do you keep going? Overcoming loss, although difficult, can be done. There are several varieties of loss, there are also several things to support you through difficult times. Acknowledge the pain and loss and find new paths to continue to function and still honor who or what was lost.
Join Dr. Patrick Garrett to learn and experience how to take care of your own health naturally with aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils. Learn the basics of essential oils, the difference in quality and grades, potency and purity, how and why they are so effective, and how to use them.  
Did you know that 90% of the cells in your body are bacteria? Eating fermented, probiotic-rich foods keeps these bacteria—and YOU—healthy. For thousands of years, humans have relied on these superfoods for overall health, but today our diet is often lacking in them. Join us to sample and learn about a variety of living cultured foods, from yogurt and kefir to kimchi. Add some life to your plate!
Is your brain starved for better nutrition? Do you find it hard to concentrate or focus? Do you feel irritable or moody for no discernible reason? Are you absentminded or suffer from periodic brain fog? Then this class is for you. Learn the secrets of a better brain at any age.
Fibromyalgia is one of the most misunderstood medical diagnoses available. People suffer with chronic, sometimes debilitating pains over their entire body, extreme fatigue, and brain fog.  Discover you can minimize to eliminate the revolving medication, avoid dependence on friends and family, reclaim independence from pain and restart your life.
Join us for our FIRST Annual Vegan Fest We'll be showcasing our vegan products and companies, sampling food, and sharing recipes. Our goal for this event is to provide an encouraging, positive, and supportive environment to foster an open mind and exploratory palate. Try something new! We're here for you wherever you are on your journey, whether it's Meatless Mondays, going dairy free, or a 100% vegan lifestyle!  
Oregonians love local food but finding truly local fish can be hard. We’re now much more aware of ethically grown meat and vegetables, but seafood remains somewhat mysterious. How does that crab get from the ocean to our table, and what’s the true cost of cheap salmon at the grocery store? Join food writer, Jennifer Burns Bright, to discuss our complex relationship with American seafood and explore ways to apply our food values to the products of the sea.
Are you struggling with mold, candida or fungus?  Do you need more folate in your diet?  In this cooking demonstration you will learn how to cook a beautiful dinner dish that is rich in folate, low in sugar and very easy to cook!
Type II diabetes is the leading cause for blindness and amputations. There is a solution that has, for many people, actually made their blood sugar numbers normal and their weight drop off effortlessly, preventing diabetes or turning it around. Come see how together, we can master diabetes, and enjoy some chili too!
Dr. Joan Waters will discuss food sensitivities, how they are different from food allergies and what you can do about them.  She will discuss the causes of food sensitivities, and will discuss how you can find your anti-inflammatory diet so that you can decrease your symptoms as you work to heal your gut.
Ever wonder why some foods help you go the extra mile, while others seem to hold you back? Learn which foods best support your active body and discover new recipes to help you fuel up before, during and after exercise.
In the last several years, the Ketogenic Diet (often called the Keto Diet) has been gaining a lot of popularity.  But what is the diet, and can it help you lose weight?  Is it healthy, and is it even safe? In this class, Ryan will offer a solid approach to the Ketogenic Diet, as well as dispel some of the myths, and confusion surrounding it.
We’re as committed to supporting your health and fitness goals as you are to living an active life! This sports nutrition seminar will give you the tools you need to keep you at the top of your game—whatever that may be. Learn how to support your body’s optimal energy levels and improve your fitness and recovery time with food and supplements!    
In this session of Rino's Fun Food Fantastic recipe class, you will learn how to make 3 fun and delicious desserts guaranteed to knock your socks off. Come discover how to make Rino's mouth watering Pannini Blissity, his yummy Chocolate Mousse Silk and his Strawberry Cream Delight. Come join Rino as he kicks up the recipes in quantum leaps in this latest session of Fun Food Fantastic.  
Learn how to make your own delicious kombucha mocktail! The first 20 people to attend this demo will receive a free mason jar, perfect for quenching your thirst.
Colony Collapse Disorder is threatening our honey bees very existence. Saving the hone bees means saving the food resources that we need to survive. 1pm-1:30pm – for kids and parents: A short reading and conversation from the new children’s science adventure discovery book from  Bears and Trees to Mushrooms and Bees. 1:30pm-2pm come learn about the health benefits of mushrooms for humans and bees.
Think of OPCs as the Optimal Protector of Cells—protecting all cells! These powerful phytonutrients support head to toe health, quenching free radicals throughout the body! They really do it all! Give your body some TLC with OPCs today!
There is an entire world of gluten-free foods out there. It's not all about what you can't have. Let's explore what you can have! From special treats to a great lunch on-the-go. Learn how to make gluten-free the easy and tasty way. Yes! You can eat that!!
Bun in the Oven recipes and more! Learn how to create your own recipes from simple formulas using healthy and delicious ingredients. Great for kids who like to cook!
Sample fabulous gluten-free products—foods, vitamins, body care and so much more.
Explore gluten free flour options and additives with Rebecca Wicker, owner of Dedicated Gluten Free. Rebecca will walk us through GF flour options, blends and mixes.  She will talk about why certain flours work (and why they don’t) and how to compensate for the lack of gluten in baking breads and treats.
Could gluten be holding you back from summer fun? Try a GF summer. It could be your ticket to increased energy, fewer aches & pains, and less brain fog! Sample delicious gluten-free foods, supplements, body care products and more! Make your summer GF and stay active, healthy and inspired all season long.    
Are you trying to eliminate gluten, dairy and sugar from your diet but wondering what you can eat instead?  Join Denise as she shares her healthy substitutes that are easy to prepare and taste delicious.
Many people think gluten just effects the guts or the intestinal system, but it effects every cell, every organ in your body. For many people the effects of gluten are primarily noted in the neurologic system: migraine headaches, neuropathy, seizures, dementia, MS and more. For others, the effects may be manifested with skin reactions: acne, rashes, itching, etc. Learn how gluten effects the entire body and how you can get better, faster, simply by eating cleaner.
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become a pervasive part of our food system. While GMO is broadly used term, in general it refers to crops that have been engineered to produce pesticides or can have weed-killer sprayed on them without being harmed. The use of GMOs has resulted in severe and unexpected economic, environmental, and health consequences. Vote with your dollar and say NO to GMOs.

June is National Dairy Alternatives Month and we will be highlighting various foods that contain dairy alternatives.

Join us for our good4u, good4your budget store tour and discover how to support you and your family’s optimal health—without breaking the bank! We’ll show you our tips and tools for staying on track, using our Menu Planner, Shopping & Pantry List, Healthy Meal Wheel, and more! Let your Nutritional Health Coach be your guide to following your personal food budget.
Kick off the Natural Grocers good4u CHALLENGE with a good4u Nutrition 101 class that gives you all the right tools for total body health—balanced energy, mood, sleep, metabolism, brain function and more! With this first step, you'll be on your way to discovering your pure potential towards a lifestyle that's truly good4u!

GO NUTS over Intuitive Chef Gail’s mind-blowing, mouth-watering renditions of your favorite “cookie dough” flavors. That’s right!  These truffles taste just like cookie dough.  What kid (and kids at heart) doesn’t like cookie dough?  And, so simple to make with just a food processor.  The kids will have a ball rolling them into balls.  Flavors:  Coconut Macaroons and Oatmeal Raisin.

Join us for a sampling of ice cream sundaes, root beer floats and other dairy and non-dairy ice cream treats at your new neighborhood Natural Grocers! Discover how your food choices (yes, even ice cream!) can be good4 the planet, good4the economy and good4u. Who knew your favorite indulgence could save the planet? Come celebrate with us in legendairy fashion!  
Inflammation is the root cause of all chronic disease.  Repairing intestinal health allows the body to absorb the building blocks that produce healthier tissue.  The healing then spreads to the rest of the body  thus reducing inflammation and restoring vitality!
Change is disruptive!  Health changes--negative or positive--affect every area of your life. When you change your lifestyle to improve your health, your relationships will change too. Coach Andrea Happel will share 3 key actions to stay grounded and navigate change in relationships. Come prepared to practice new thinking, words, and actions in this interactive workshop.
Want to eat healthy but not sure how you can afford it? Learn how to get the most nutrition out of your grocery budget. It's not as hard as you think!
You'll learn the basics for the healthiest approach to gluten-free living. We will share shopping tips and cooking tips for gluten-free living as well as advice on dietary supplements for nutritional support.
You'll learn the basics for the healthiest approach to gluten-free living. We will share shopping tips and cooking tips for gluten-free living as well as advice on dietary supplements for nutritional support. Come early and join us for a Gluten Free Health Fair with door prizes and free samples!
The holidays don’t have to be a time for stress and worry. Healthy foods and gifts are the perfect way to bring out the best in everyone, and make all those hard-to-shop for people on your list happy. Make the most of this holiday season by creating a celebration that everyone can enjoy… including you!    
Many skin types exist, all react differently, but one thing remains the same: the layers of the skin and what is needed for healthy skin!  Join us as we discuss the many ways CountryLife supports healthy hair, skin & nails.
Come join WishGarden Herb's mocktail hour! Whether you are trying to avoid sugar and alcohol or you are just looking for a fun and creative way to entertain and feel great, this class is for you.    
Learn about homeopathy: what it is, what’s it’s for and how it’s made. Then learn about some staple homeopathic products for an alternative approach to medicine. And receive a free book about homeopathics when you attend.  
Hormonal imbalances can affect women at any age of their life.  Women in their 30s and 40s can experience many discomforts with their monthly cycles: signaling hormonal imbalances that we can work to improve. Women in their 50s and 60s often experience symptoms associated with peri-menopause and post-menopause. Come learn about the top hormones imbalances, what is going on, and what can be done about it!
Learn simple things you can do to improve our brain and support a healthy mood. This class is the first in a series of 8 classes about supporting you on your way up from depression.
Food today is entirely different than it was in your grandparents’ day. From the way it’s grown to the way it’s processed and packaged (including the nutritional value), everything has changed. Knowing how to choose the highest-quality foods is key to caring for your health.
Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints, and can be socially debilitating.  Joan Waters, naturopathic doctor, will discuss a condition that is associated with 80% of the cases of IBS, and will explain what you can do about it.  If you feel like you are tethered to your toilet, you CAN break free!
Come learn innovative approaches to heart health utilizing chelation therapy and nutritional IV therapy. It is possible to lower your blood pressure without drugs. Protect your arteries without drugs.  Bring back loved ones from senility. Restore impaired vision and fading memory skills. Dr. Gappa is joined by Mary Louder, DO to explain the remarkable benefits of chelation therapy and nutritional IV therapy.
Nada will share the benefits of regular meditation, give you different ways to fit it into your individual lifestyle, and guide you through a meditation so that you can experience doing it for yourself. Join her Friday, June 1st at 6 pm and enjoy the powerful benefits of adding meditation to your healthy lifestyle.
Approximately 1 out of 5 people suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes, and sinus congestion every spring.  These seasonal symptoms are often caused by our immune system reacting to harmless airborne substances like pollen.  Wave goodbye to your problems with pollen by learning what nutrients and foods help support a balanced immune response to airborne irritants.  Breathe Deeply!

How can IV therapy enhance your health and wellness? Why IV? And why is IV Therapy more beneficial at times then oral nutrient therapy? 

If you've been exposed to the health world for some time, you've probably heard of juicing and all its claimed benefits. It has been touted to help you lose weight, regain energy, and even heal diseases. But is juicing as amazing as so many make it out to be? Join us to discover the pros and cons to best support your wellness. Learn why to be wary of cleanses, which foods support natural detoxification, and more.

Did you know approximately 91% of Americans don’t meet the recommendations for vegetable consumption? Juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily target for fresh produce. Stop in to learn the latest tips and trends to juicing the rainbow and to Juicing Your Way to Vitality!

We will be preparing Keto friendly meals with healthy ingredients all found at Natural Grocers. 

Mounting scientific research suggests that eating a ketogenic diet could represent one of the greatest nutritional breakthroughs of our time. Going keto is all the rage, but the diet is laden with conflicting ideas, disastrous oversimplification, and misinformation. In Keto 101 we’ll dive into this trend to understand the what, why, and how to succeed with ketogenic eating.
Going keto is all the rage right now! Spend an afternoon learning more about this popular diet, taste a variety of keto-friendly foods, and speak with our Nutritional Health Coach and local Tulsa-area health enthusiasts about how to successfully plan YOUR ketogenic diet!
The ladybug has been deemed a fairy godmother for plants. In their lifetime of about one year, a ladybug can eat as many as 5,000 aphids, that's almost 14 garden pests a day! Sadly, popular agricultural practices have contributed to the decline in ladybug populations. Learn how to protect this vital component of our ecosystem. By taking our pledge, and showing ladybugs and other insects some love, you can make an impact.
Every 33 minutes, someone in Lane County needs a blood transfusion. Lane Bloodworks has been serving Lane County hospitals since 1961 and looks forward to seeing you at the Eugene Natural Grocers Blood Drive! Bettering our community drop by drop. Open to the public. To schedule your appointment please call 541-484-9111.

In America, we can find the most common customer requested foods most any time of the year in our produce sections.  We need to consider though that in-season foods are more likely to be at their nutritional peak if grown in naturally with the seasons in our local areas instead of shipped in from far away lands.  Fresh picked fruit and veggies are often the best tasting as well.  Join us for a spring review!

Who doesn't love chocolate? We will show you a very basic recipe for making paleo chocolate at home including many fun toppings and mix-ins. Samples will be provided!
As a beloved member of the family, our pets deserve the very best to keep them active, happy, and doing what they do best—being great companions! This pet nutrition health fair features many of the brands and flavors they love, as well as some soon-to-be new favorites. Take a “doggy bag” of samples home, along with a few new recipes they will surely devour! Sorry, no pets allowed in the store.
We’re talkin’ (and tastin’) tacos, folks! Discover fresh and exciting ways to take fiesta to a whole new level using 100% organic produce and organic fillings and toppings. Get your taco fix and lettuce teach you why organics are so avocado this world!
Come join us create four dishes that allow food to be thy medicine! We will maximize the nutrition in our fruits and vegetables while eliminating fats and oils in our diets. This class will be an engaging, fun, and dynamic class and whatever stage of eating healthy that you are, you are welcome to join us engage with food!
Find out the simple lifestyle suggestions that anyone can do which offer proper neurotransmitter support and brain function for a healthy mood and relieve depressive feelings and occasional anxiety. This class is second a series of 8 classes to support anyone with mood issues as well as anyone who knows someone with a low mood.
This class is an introduction to help you discover your Ayurvedic body type (dosha).  Knowing your dosha type can help maximize your health through individualizing your diet and lifestyle.  Join us to learn more about balancing your dosha for achieving optimal health.

When it comes to heart health, your cholesterol numbers don't tell the whole story. Dr. Brian J. Rodgers will share what kind of testing gives you the best view of your cardiovascular health and steps you can take to a achieve a healthier heart.

A healthy gut will ease digestive issues, GI disorders, pain in your body, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. Wholistic Nutritionist, Kira Vinikas, MScN is hosting a Love Your Gut Gathering to share with you and your friends healthy approaches to feeling better. Join her for a presentation on gut health, a guided food preparation, and then enjoy the meal together. Come Learn, Cook, and Enjoy!            
Stay on track with your summer weight goals at this tasty low carb keto summer cooking demo! We will start with a summer favorite: coleslaw...with a tart cherry keto twist! Summer brunch? You won't want to miss our blueberry lemon bread perfect for the low carb lifestyle. Summer isn't complete without ice cream! We will round out the demo with a frosty coconut pistachio ice cream...sugar and gluten free!
Flat screen TVs produce it. Smart phones make it. Fluorescent light bulbs too. You may not realize it, but you are constantly being exposed to blue light which can damage an important part of our eye known as the retina. Learn how lutein, a powerful phytonutrient, can protect you from the damaging effects of blue light, UV light and more!
It’s never too early, or too late, to improve muscle health—and overall health! But after age 30, we can lose 3 to 8 percent of our muscle mass each decade! Learn how to maintain muscle mass now, and well into the future, with key foods and supplements all recommended by science-based research. Stay strong and muscle on!
We've got a challenge for you. Starting today, can you make your next plate great—meaning healthy, delicious, easy and affordable? Sounds like a piece of organic gluten-free cake, right? But when the dog won't even touch those crumbs, maybe it's time for a meal intervention. Come learn the basics of healthy meal building, from protein to fiber and everything in between.

Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector born disease in the United States, affecting at least 300,000 new people each year. Yet Lyme is not the only tick-borne illness. Learn about these various tick-borne illnesses, how best to reduce your risk of infection, the signs and symptoms of both acute and chronic Lyme, where to seek help, and the various treatment options. 

It's Memorial Day Weekend and many folks will be going to picnics and BBQ's. During this class, we will show you some easy healthy whole food plant based dishes that'll be perfect for your next outdoor event. You'll also learn more about transitioning to a whole food plant based diet, learn a few kitchen hacks and get a tour of where some of the products used in the demo are located in the store.

Based on the Autonomic Nervous System, Dr. Kelley founded the essence of "Biochemical Individuality," when he began treating himself for pancreatic and liver cancer, back in 1963. His research, over the past 50+ years, has helped us to greatly understand how we all DIFFER at the cellular level and have a Genetic predisposition to eat and THRIVE on certain types of foods and Nutritional Supplements. 


Mini-workshops designed to share knowledge on being mindful, staying healthy and managing everyday stressors so that participants can take their wellness to a higher level and THRIVE!

In American culture too often we eat without paying attention. We eat while we're driving, watching T.V.,  or multitasking at work. Let's take some time to bring awareness back to our food.

Mindfulness means "paying attention, on purpose, without judgement"- Jon Kabat-Zinn. Learn how this practice can help you reduce stress, increase calm and enhance connection to others. This hour-long course will provide meditation instruction and tools to develop a meditation practice in your own life. 

Come join your Mission Trace good4u crew on June 23rd from 1-4pm for our annual summer block party. We'll have vendors grilling, active and passive demo's in the store and we will be having various giveaways throughout the day! Several stores and businesses in the Mission Trace shopping center will be participating. See you on June 23rd!
Come get a taste of what Natural Grocers has to offer with samples from all our highest quality departments, including grocery, dairy, frozen, produce, body care and supplements.    
Do you or your child require a lot of brain power throughout the day but find you’re in need of some “focus pocus”? Come discover how nutrition and lifestyle tweaks can support your attention to help learning and cognition be as easy as pi(e).
While age-related cognitive decline might seem inevitable, it doesn’t have to be! The formula for supporting our brain and our memory is simple. Discover how good nutrition and healthy habits can support our memory throughout our lifespan.
Don’t worry be happy, lose the ‘tude, turn that frown upside down… all easier said than done, until now. Gain a new understanding of the many complexities that play a role in supporting a healthy mood or hindering it. Nutritional, supplemental, environmental, lifestyle and other key factors will be discussed.
This class dives into men's health surrounding prostate. Men tend to be very confused as to the signs they need to be aware of regarding early stages of prostate dysfunction. Along with normal PSA testing, we consider common foods that promote normal function regarding men's prostate's as well as dietary and lifestyle principles to start working on immediately so you can avoid the risk of prostate concerns.
With millions of Americans suffering acid reflux, it's no wonder stomach medications are the best-selling drugstore remedies. What these manufacturers DON'T tell you is that these products mask the true cause of the issue and often lead to serious chronic disease. Come here Dr. Daniel Smith talk about safer and much more effective therapies that identify the cause of the problem without the use of Rx drugs.

Over 24 million Americans suffer from Neuropathy and many have been told there is nothing that helps.  In this class, we will discuss the causes of Neuropathy and some proven protocols that have helped thousands of people across the nation. 

If you want your family to eat healthy but feel it takes too much time and effort, this talk is for you.  I'll share simple ways to make your kitchen a fun place to connect with family while preparing tasty  meals.
Yes, there are specific nutrients that feed the brain and support overall mental wellness. Learn about nutrients to support your neurotransmitters which can offer lifelong health benefits to your brain and mood function.
Ever wonder what makes omega-3's so essential to our quality of life? These unique fats are vital to optimal health and play a key role in brain, heart, weight and joint health. Live with vitality again, no matter your age, by trying these simple, everyday omega-3 rich recipes!
Corina has taught classes sharing the joy that comes from achieving a healthy digestive system through different nutritional practices, such as juicing.  Her goal is to share how the body works in order to achieve ultimate energy, renewed youth, and vitality.  Come and enjoy learning how to juice as well as tasting palate-pleasing juices.
This seminar covers nutrition, exercise, and total bioidentical hormone balance. Learn why this is safe and essential to your health, as well as the 4 major things that push us into the chronic degenerative diseases of aging.  Dr Lee will give you the keys to avoiding them with common supplements.  
Fatigue is something most suffer from at some point in their life.  Many who struggle with fatigue feel defeated. They feel they will never feel like their old self again. Know this...fatigue can be banished and you can begin to feel better in no time! Join me as we chat about the common causes of fatigue and learn what steps you can implement to overcome fatigue!
Gone but never forgotten, how do you keep going? Overcoming loss, although difficult, can be done. There are several varieties of loss, there are also several things to support you through difficult times. Acknowledge the pain and loss and find new paths to continue to function and still honor who or what was lost.
Anyone is welcome to join this twelve-step meeting. The only requirement is a desire to stop eating compulsively. OA is a fellowship of individuals who are recovering from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors. Our primary propose is to abstain and to carry the message to those who still suffer. This meeting is offered every Monday in starting June 4, June 11, June 18 and June 25.
Anyone is welcome to join this twelve-step meeting. The only requirement is a desire to stop eating compulsively. OA is a fellowship of individuals who are recovering from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors. Our primary propose is to abstain and to carry the message to those who still suffer. This meeting is offered every Monday in starting July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23 and July 30th.

Science has proven our beliefs and feelings affect our biology and physical health. Epigenetics shows we can change our DNA. Studies show that placebo can be as beneficial as medicinal drugs. We will explore how by using consciousness we can reverse difficult medical conditions by practicing emotional wellbeing. We can influence and direct our cellular structure and DNA.

Stop by our demonstration kitchen to sample Classic Chicken Paleo Wraps with “No Peanut” Sauce and Vegan Chickpea Salad Wraps. Chat with your Nutritional Health Coach for preparation tips and other great meal ideas. Be sure to take home a recipe card to help you shop and make these refreshing summer meals at home!
Did you know that pancakes can be grain-free, blood sugar friendly and DELICIOUS!? In this cooking demonstration, we will talk about the many ways we can make nutritious pancakes, plus offer ideas for tasty toppings that will balance your mood and energy throughout the day. This weekend favorite is back on the menu!
Did you know that pancakes can be grain-free, blood sugar friendly, and DELICIOUS!? In this cooking demonstration, we will talk about the many ways we can make nutritious pancakes, plus offer ideas for tasty toppings, like fresh strawberries, coconut and blueberries. These signature red, white and blueberry pancakes will help balance your mood and energy throughout the day!  
Join us for a fun in-store event with lots of nutrition education, food samples, and a chance to chat with health- minded professionals and organizations in our community. First, enjoy a seminar. "Purely Paleo", taught by our Nutritional Health Coach. Then stick around afterward for some tasty Paleo-approved product samples and visit with our community partners here to help you in all of your health-related endeavors.
Smoothies are a great way to start your day or provide nutrition on the go. They can also be used to dramatically increase the nutrient density of your diet, every day. Smoothie recipes are easy and only require four easy steps. Supercharge your smoothie for personalized health benefits!
Are you stuck in your lunch-time rut? Break the bread habit by learning how to make a delicious Paleo lettuce wrap instead. Cooking healthy Paleo dishes doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming, it’s actually quite simple!  Even better, Paleo Wraps help boost your intake of healthy foods.
Did you know a diet containing healthy fats can support a healthy inflammatory balance? Polyunsaturated fats found in bottled salad dressings promote inflammation. Dress your greens with recipes demonstrated at this class and maintain a balanced intake of 0mega 3 and 6 fatty acids which support optimal health!

The Penrose-St Francis Health Services will park their Blood Mobile in the front of our store.  Their trained staff will assist those interested in donating blood.  Please sign up at our store's front table if you are interested, but walk-ins are welcome.  Our nutrition health coach will provide smoothies and a $2 coupon to donors in gratitude for your support of our community.

We will focus on the puzzle of overall health, discussing the 4 main pillars—nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep. We will also do a brief overview of meal prep and plan for achieving personal goals.
Do you worry about yourself or a loved one getting Alzheimer's or dementia and feel like you have no control over it happening? Alzheimer's and dementia are frightening diseases for many of us.  About 5 million people have Alzheimer's in the US. Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to avoid becoming one of these statistics.  In this talk, we discuss powerful strategies for avoiding Alzheimer's and dementia.    
I am your gut bacteria; you might be shocked to hear this, but I influence how every part of your body works: how easily you lose (or gain) weight, how your immune system functions, even your ability to focus.  Knowing supplements are essential for keeping me (and you!) healthy is easy if you attend this class.
Who doesn’t like spending time in the sun? It makes us happy and gives us Vitamin D. But no one wants sun spots, wrinkles, or damaged skin. It’s never too late. You can have it all: fun in the sun and healthy skin! All it takes is good food, a bit of nutrition savvy, a cloudless day and away you go.
Learn about the many benefits of protein supplementation form weight management to wellness and much more!  Sample tasty ways to get more protein in your diet while learning about Biochem and Country Life Vitamins!
There’s a science to going Paleo, literally! No matter where you are on the spectrum of health and wellness, The Paleo Diet can give you the ancestral “tools” you need to help you reach your goals. Explore the pure science behind The Paleo Diet and discover why what’s old is new again—and just so happens to empower health along the way.  
Apple cider vinegar provides a laundry list of health benefits… heck, you can even do your laundry with it! Learn how to use apple cider vinegar to support blood sugar regulation, a healthy body weight, heart health, and more.
Look, it’s a vegetable, it’s a nut, no it’s a superfruit! Discover the amazing health benefits of avocado, such as monounsaturated fats, potassium, fiber, B vitamins and other health-supportive compounds. You can experience avocado awesomeness every day!
Do you heart beets as much as we do? Ready to learn more about the infamously staining superfood? Come to our fast class and discover how you can join the good4urevolution and Learn. Eat. Dream!
What do broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower have in common? They all belong to the family of nutritious, delicious cruciferous vegetables. Learn the best cooking methods to help maintain their nutrient density and unique flavor profiles. Cheers to an organic Cruciferous Cuisine!
Take your favorite tailgating foods to a new, good4u level and score a win for team healthy! There’s no need to search for completely new recipes—cheer on your team with classics like dips & drinks—just upgrade them! Featuring our “good4u Snack Kebobs.”      
Essential oils are enjoyable, versatile, and natural products with a multitude of uses beyond their scents alone. Discover the basics of how essential oils support health and learn how to build your own essential oil kit.
Want to eat more vegetables, but don’t know where to start? Going grain-free but miss your favorite pasta dishes? Find out how to stay satisfied using a spiralizer to eat more vegetables and replace less nutritious grains with more nutrient-dense vegetable “noodles” in your favorite dishes.
Perhaps one of the most versatile vegetables—come find out all there is to know about zucchini! Discover exciting ways to cook with zucchini, sneaking it into and replacing it with common everyday foods! Join the good4urevolution and Learn. Eat. Dream!
Smoothie bowls are what they sound like, but much more fun than you would think. You can create pretty much any combo of flavors that you want and top it with your favorite goodies. Come experience the easiest and healthiest way to turn a smoothie in to a meal!
Long live the reigning health benefits of sweet potato! A most versatile food—there are so many ways to enjoy this fall favorite: baked, mashed, pureed, or pied. Learn all about what makes sweet potato a reigning champ in the kitchen and in your health.
What’s so nutritious about turmeric, anyway? And why is it called “The Spice of Life?” We’ll answer all your questions and MORE when you attend our terrific turmeric class! It takes just 30 minutes to gain some knowledge and good4u recipe ideas!  
Interested in what all the fermented food fuss is about? Come to our fermented fast class and discover how you can join the good4urevolution and Learn. Eat. Dream!
As your body’s largest organ, your skin deserves to be as nurtured and protected as much as any other part of the body—with a healthy diet tailored to its unique needs. Unlock your skin’s innate ability to defend itself from the inside out against harmful UV rays and other AGE accelerating factors. Graceful aging of the skin begins within!
Dr. Ashley and Andrew are the owners of Pangea Chiropractic. They have a growing family and wellness clinic in Bend, Oregon. Both doctors will share tools and tips on how to raise a healthy family from the prospective of a doctor, mother and father. Topics in this class will include, healthy child birth, vaccinations, diet, reducing toxins, healthy brain & body development and much more.
Love to read about all things health and wellness? Looking for a way to stay engaged in the growing health and food revolution topics? Then we’ve got a book club for you! Join us at our next meeting for refreshments and an enlightened conversation on our featured, health hotline book. Read and be well today! See an employee for more details.  
Country Life invites you to rethink your supplement regimen to support your daily nutritional needs and so much more!

Do you feel like your family is so busy that they are struggling to sit down for a healthy dinner, without distractions?  We want to give you the tools to establish healthy family rhythms to do so! Having healthy daily rhythms are essential to a happy, healthy, high functioning family unit! We want to connect families, help you to develop a healthy meal plans for the week, and clarify your family values! 

Join us in our Nutrition Education Center for a mouthwatering muffin sampling! On the menu: sweet, Decadent Raspberry Coconut Muffins. These will surely make your (muffin) tops spin and your taste buds happy!  
You deserve the real luxury of quality, affordable nourishment for your skin and body every day but especially today! At this Self Care Sunday Health Fair, sample and learn how to use different products to nourish your body and mind – including a DIY aromatherapy station from 12-1pm and other recipes the whole family will love.
With our lives getting busier and busier, it is hard to "work in" self care. In fact, it may cause more stress since it is "one more thing" we have to do. Come and learn about self care, what we can do to make it a part of our life and also what nutritional changes we can make to help our resiliency to every day stressors.
The standard American diet is filled with toxic, highly processed foods and this is most of what you would find on the shelves. Dr. Dietz will show you what to look for to bring maximized nutrition to your family! Learn how easy it is to find healthy ingredients that are cost effective and nutritious. Learn how to read labels correctly and know what to look for, as well as how to avoid hidden health hazards.
This class is designed for anyone who is looking to shake up their smoothie routine with organic, whole food nutrition. Learn about the science behind making a balanced smoothie that will keep you full, energetic and satisfied. Enjoy a smoothie tasting, with complimentary recipe cards, for refreshing smoothie ideas designed to nourish your body and delight your palate. Each class attendee will be entered to win a "Garden of Life Super Charge Your Smoothie Gift Basket Giveaway" with featured smoothie class ingredients valued at $120.
Children’s brains require specialized, smart nutrition. Their daily diet can help support a healthy attention span, give them stable energy levels throughout the day, and provide their body with all foods necessary for a healthy, growing brain. With the recipes and tips you’ll learn at this cooking class, the future is looking bright.
Building big brains requires specialized, smart nutrition. Your child’s daily diet can help support healthy attention spans, give them stable energy levels throughout the day, and provide their body with all the important nutrients necessary for a healthy, growing brain. With the nutrition tips you’ll learn at this smart kids class, the future is looking bright.
In this class, you’ll learn how to pair botanical ingredients with complimentary flavors for a health-enhancing AND delicious drink, perfect for purposeful fueling on the go.  Power up for activities by adding beet concentrate. Heat up the gut with aloe to soothe any digestive woes.  Speed up recovery with turmeric extract and spice up with ginger and cayenne for a metabolism boost.   -  
Move over crackers, there’s a new snack in town! We’ll teach you tips and tricks for helping you stay on track and achieve your health goals…even when it comes to snacking! We put our best snack-happy, brain-fog busting, energy-packing snacks to the test and we’re ready to share them with you. Discover nutrient-dense, snack-tastic treats and CHALLENGE your snacking habits this week!
Learn about supplements to take and drinks you can make to optimize your performance. Learn to effectively incorporate sport nutrition supplements to prepare, sustain and recover. Product samplings and coupons to take home!
Did your New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside? Looking for ways to jumpstart your health this spring, but aren't sure how? Join us for a taste of the good4u life, as we showcase our high-quality foods, supplements & body care products. With the right items, you'll find exciting ways to reinvigorate, get back on track and...Spring Into Health—just in time for summer!
With a countless number of fad diets and dietary supplements, it can be difficult to make the right choice for your specific health goals.  Therefore, it is important to understand some of the most popular diets, lifestyles, and supplements to choose to reach optimal health.

Microwave radiation is everywhere. Few think of dangers until they become sick and medicate the symptoms without understanding the cause.  Portland is a microwave hot spot.  Studies confirm infertility, brain cancer, neurological problems and blood brain barrier leakage.  Dafna will discuss ways we can protect ourselves with safer device use, specific foods and taking certain supplements. Q&A.

Have you set goals only to break them later? Why do some people stay with their lifestyle changes and others do not? This class will teach you how to be consistent on your journey to permanent lifestyle changes and are uplifting and support overall happiness.
Occasional discomfort is part of the body’s natural inflammation response, and can happen after exertion, like walking or running.  Join Sara Robertson for an informative talk about certain herbs and spices for balancing the whole body’s inflammation response.                
Chronic stress causes us to gain belly fat, can shrink our brain cells and destroys our immune system. While removing stress from your life may not be entirely possible, there are foods that help support a calm mood and healthy stress response. Delicious recipes taught in this class will show you how to incorporate these foods into your everyday diet.

Dr. Angelina Alejandro will tell you about the latest scientific breakthroughs and methods that will help you permanently and safely remove unwanted belly fat while quickly reclaiming your health, your youth and your life! 

Do you feel your stress levels rising and affecting your life? There are numerous stressful experiences in life. Do not become distressed. This class will teach you the tools needed to make friends with stress to support a long, healthy and happy life.
Do you have a sweet tooth you can't control? Does your energy level crash in the afternoon? You might be experiencing the sugar blues! Come learn about hidden sugars, what sugar does to the body, and how to crowd out those sugar cravings. Workshop will include a recipe demonstration of 5 ingredient peanut butter bites! Bring your friends and family!
It’s time for a deep cleaning!  In the face of so many unhealthy choices these days, you can still keep your body running at its best. Learn how supplements and diet can detoxify and cleanse, support skin health and support fat metabolism. Let your best you shine this summer! And receive a free book written by Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Naturopathic formulas when you attend.  
Whether necessity or choice led you to eat grain free, this eating style is helping many experience the health benefits: less bloating, less brain fog and better sleep. This doesn’t mean depriving yourself of your favorite meals. Learn easy, sweet and savory grain-free recipes that will allow you to take gluten free to the next level.

Join us for a walk on the sweet side!  First stop at our dark chocolate fountain with organic fruit and other treats for dipping, then sample amazing products throughout the store from our top-notch vendors, plus we’ll be giving out free Natural Grocers bags with purchase all day and 25 lucky customers will find a $10 gift card inside. Don’t forget to sign up for {N}Power before you come in to get a FREE chocolate bar! Text organic to: 41411 and follow the link to join {N}Power.

Come learn about methods to manage allergy symptoms naturally and cool off with some sweet herbal beverages. Try a some Kick Ass Allergy Sweet Tea and Mo Betta Belly Lemonade to soothe allergies and calm an upset tummy.
Whether necessity or choice led you to eat gluten free, this eating style is helping many experience the health benefits: less bloating, less brain fog and better sleep because of it. What if you could take gluten free eating to the next level? Eating Grain Free may bring you the health benefits you’re seeking.
You are what you digest.  Join us as we discuss the importance of digestion and learn how to tame tummy troubles with Country Life.
Join us for tea time! From the ooo’s of an oolong to a gregarious green—learn what makes each cup of tea so unique in taste and so beneficial to our health. Sample year-round favorites and unlock the power that comes from freshly brewed tea.

Ayurveda, the "sister science" of yoga, is the ancient Indian medicine that uses the five sense therapies in order to create an optimal environment for healing based on the individual's unique makeup. In this community talk, we will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and have some fun applying them to the sense of taste. 

Come try our NEW innovative, alcohol-free mocktails made using the ancient elixir – kombucha. It’s probiotic-rich, flavorful and good4u!

The root of many debilitating health conditions is inflammation that could be prevented by making better decisions regarding diet. The challenge is that processed foods are laced with inflammation producing ingredients. The right plan is necessary in order to change. Come learn how you can incorporate the Anti-Inflammatory Diet into a daily routine with the goal of improving the quality of life and even longevity.

Maybe you’ve heard of bone broth, or have seen some of the latest collagen supplements at the health food store. You may have even tried some of these trendy products without knowing what makes them so great. Find out why these products have become so popular, what they are, and how to use them to support optimal health.
While we can’t answer the philosophical question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, we can tell you that eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition from protein, vitamins, and minerals, to unique nutrients such as choline and lecithin. Eggs can help meet your health goals at any age and any meal of the day!
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! The Green Bag Lady is an eco-friendly art project started by artist Teresa VanHatten-Granath in 2008. Teresa and her international teams of volunteer “Bagettes” make bags out of donated fabric, and give them away for FREE in exchange for the promise to refuse paper + plastic when shopping. Her bags are durable, unique, and very stylish. Visit www.greenbaglady.org for more info.
It is hard to believe, but for every human cell in your body there are 10 microbial cells! Most live in your gut in a marvelously complex ecosystem. In this seminar we will discuss this garden of microbes and dive into the many ways it keeps us healthy. We will also touch on some of my own research into what happens when this garden is disrupted leading to disease.
We want to thank you for welcoming us into your community! In celebration of our valued customers, we invite you to experience what Natural Grocers has to offer with free samples from all of our highest quality departments. Learn about our free nutrition education lectures, locally sourced products, bag-free checkouts, and community donation programs -  all ways that we further serve our communities.  
Add some life to your plate and join us to sample and learn about the variety of living cultured foods that are available – from yogurt and kefir to kimchi. Eating fermented, probiotic-rich foods keeps your gut—and YOU—healthy. For thousands of years, humans have relied on these superfoods for overall health, but today our diet is often lacking in them.
Smoothies are a great way to start your day or provide nutrition on the go.  They can also be used to dramatically increase the nutrient density of your daily diet. We will show you just how easy smoothies are to make (they only require four easy steps!). Supercharge your smoothie for personalized health benefits!
Explore the mind/body connection regarding healing and illness. Learn about the connection between stress/trauma and physiological responses that can over time lead to chronic illness. Discuss basic mindfulness practices to reduce the stress response in the body and encourage a healing response. Work on the powerful practice of imagery for healing to help  develop your personal healing imagery.
This free workshop will give you insights into the many reasons sleep can get disrupted and why adequate sleep is so critical to restoring health. You will also receive important tips to ensure you get the highest quality of rest when you close your eyes at night, and natural remedies to use for better sleep.
Soda, pop, cola -- whatever you want to call it -- contains a mishmash of chemicals and enough sugar to ruin your good health. Sugar consumption in the United States has reached unreal levels and its rise is mirrored by the rise in many of the chronic health problems that plague Americans. Use tips learned in this class to break the sugar addiction and improve your health and the health of your family.
Yes, there are specific nutrients that feed the brain and support overall mental wellness. Learn about nutrients to support your neurotransmitters which can offer lifelong health benefits to your brain and mood function.
Dr. Brennan will discuss, step by step, how to match diet, exercise and nutrition to the unique needs of your thyroid. 1. What labs should you expect to have ran? Are you missing any? 2. What do all these numbers and tests mean? Dr Brennan will walk you through the process of how the thyroid works, and then will point on common breakdowns and which nutrition to match them.
We live in a toxic world, exposed to chemicals in our everyday life that wreak havoc on our hormones, gut, mood, and so much more! Through this presentation, Dr. Bartman will share with you the impact that these toxins have on your health, how to limit your exposure, and how to eat and live in a sustainable way that optimizes your routes of elimination and detoxification and supports optimal health.
This wonderful yellow spice has been consumed for its health benefits for thousands of years. Combining turmeric with certain spices or healthy fats can help your body absorb and use curcumin—the active component of turmeric. Spice up your life and your health by learning how to use turmeric in more than just curry.

One of the most widely misunderstood areas of health is cholesterol. It really gets a bad rap, but if it's so bad, why is our body is meant to have it and actually need it for proper function? We're going to talk about the role of cholesterol in the body, briefly discuss lab values, and help you walk away with an understanding of a nutritional approach of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in your body. 

From ancient Mayans to modern day crème brulee, vanilla has a little-known, long and rich history. Learn why this essential flavor, with over 200 identified flavor compounds, is anything but “plain”. This educational seminar may also turn out to be the best smelling talk you have ever attended!
Meet Jackie Buffaloe of Hands on Grains for a brief cooking demo. She'll be demonstrating show to make her signature Chickpea Flour Frittata with a Non-Dairy Cheddar Cheese Sauce. These are great basics for any plant-based diet, and they're tasty too!
Join us for our Vegan Fair! Eating a plant-based diet is good4u and good for the world! We have classes, demonstrations, and samples of your favorite vegan foods! Not a vegan? Discover some new, great plant-based options! A fun event for the whole family.
We all need to eat healthy fats to support a healthy inflammatory balance in our bodies. Many polyunsaturated fats found in most bottled salad dressings promote inflammation. Dress your veggies with recipes taught at this class and maintain a balanced intake of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and support optimal health!
Here is a healthy and humane vegan sausage to tickle your palate with, and gain a renewed excitement for one of those treasured breakfast comfort foods. Of course, we will savor them accompanied with Toasted Super Seed Bread and toppings. Both are vegan, oil free, and gluten free. A Healthy World Sedona cooking demo by Susan Wolfe and Earl Urwiller.
Vegan Healthy Living Education and Tips From A World-Renowned Chef & Naturopathic Doctor. Join Chef Mark Reinfeld and Dr. Ashley Boudet, the husband and wife team of The Doctor & The Chef, as they offer a complete learning experience through a brief cooking demo with recipes. We'll be making Strawberry Delight & MAc N CHeeZ! Stay for an informative Q&A session!
Start your day off right with… you guessed it—vegetables! We’ll show you quick and easy ways to pack a nutrient-dense punch in the morning. Let’s put the fast (and healthy) back in breakfast! Join the good4urevolution and Learn. Eat. Dream!

Do you experience difficulty losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, or finding balance in your diet and lifestyle? It is not as simple as monitoring "calories in vs. calories out". There are a variety of factors that can make weight loss difficult and it is essential to take a multi-faceted approach when attempting to reach your health goals.  

Vegan Healthy Living Education and Tips From A World-Renowned Chef & Naturopathic Doctor. Join Chef Mark Reinfeld and Dr. Ashley Boudet, the husband and wife team of The Doctor & The Chef, as they offer a complete learning experience through a brief cooking demo with recipes. We'll be making Maca Pepita Elixir & Fruit Compote with Aquafaba! Stay for an informative Q&A session!
Discuss pertinent and current findings in prenatal and perinatal psychology that can help families better understand how to support healing in their own lives. This will open space for new dialogue on mom and baby health. From conception on, babies are sentient beings and what they experience in their early life affects the rest of their life.  
We all know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables, but do you know why they’re so good4u? Are you finding it hard to get them in at every meal? You’re not alone. More than 90% of Americans miss the mark. Discover the greatness of greens (and beets!) for overall health and learn how to sneak in extra servings today. It can be easy being green.
Symptoms are common, not normal, and that symptoms are usually a finger pointing to a deeper underlying issue. In this class you will see how the body works together as a unit and how truly amazing it is in its innate ability to heal, that is if you know what it is asking of you. Find out what tests to take for certain issues and how you can heal your body by implementing simple lifestyle changes.
In addition to discussing the health benefits of using self-love as self-care, this clinic will use products from Natural Grocer's Self-Care department to show participants how to perform a Full Moon Cleanse and Release Ritual to harness the remarkable powers of the moon to cleanse and release negative energies which no longer serve their optimum health goals.   
Taking care of your heart doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by uncovering some common heart care myths, and then begin your journey toward heart health with three simple dietary strategies and three supplements that will pump up your heart health.
Your body is a beautiful machine with joints that are meant for moving. So why is it then that we hurt? Why do we have chronic pain that last for months or even years? Why does sleeping on your side hurt but not on your back? Why do you find yourself relaxing at night with a nagging sensation in your neck and shoulders? All of these questions and so many more can be answered with one simple word: posture.
Did you know that 50% of Americans with heart attacks had normal LDL cholesterol? Did you know that we have just as many heart attacks among those with cholesterol under 200 as we do among those over 300? Did you know that cholesterol is higher in countries with fewer heart attacks? Join Dr. Patrick Garrett for a discussion and review of current research on the Cholesterol Myth.
This seminar will discuss what a hormone is, explain how hormones change throughout the female menstrual cycle, and what causes things like cramping during menstruation, hot flashes during menopause, and what causes PCOS to develop in women. We will also be discussing how these conditions can be evaluated by a practitioner, and how they can be treated naturally—without synthetic hormones and other drugs.  
Not only are you aging, but your cells are aging, too! Did you know, energy, heart health, healthy aging and more—all require CoQ10 at the cellular level? Learn how to support your cells by adding CoQ10 to your daily regimen. 

Learn about the 30 trillion cells in your body, what their job is and how you can support it.  See the effects of foods and toxins - good and bad on the cells.  Sure to enlighten and empower you about your own "cellular health"! 

Discover how issues in your mouth can keep you from feeling your best. Learn about Holistic Dentistry and how it can help you achieve optimal health, Mercury Amalgams—the untold story, the miracles of modern dentistry, and oxygen, the forgotten "nutrient" and healer.