Meal Ideas

Plan for success!

  • Purchase a cooler and use an ice pack to carry healthy food on the go.
  • Use pyrex bowls and other food containers with lids to carry salads, vegetables and/or dips.
  • Plan your meals. Think about your food choices for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Check out our recipes to make healthy versions of food you already know and love.
  • Write your list and do your shopping.
  • Do some advanced preparation. Boil eggs, slice veggies, cook extra turkey bacon, bake extra chicken, make a tuna salad, etc., in the evening or over the weekend.
  • Bag snack items in single serving sizes once a week (veggie sticks, crackers, olives, fruit, nuts and seeds…).
  • Just do it! Have a plan and follow through. It is proactive self-care to have nutritious food ready to go. All of your effort will pay off in the end when your energy goes up and you feel good.

Take a look through the links above to find balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas that will support your health and inspire your culinary creativity!



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